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  • Either as the Legendary Battle Maiden of Leidenschaftlich or as the famous Auto Memory Dolls from CH Postal, Violet Evergarden and her stories inspire awe in everyone she meets.
    • Look at her current self and no one could guess that this dignified young lady used to be one of the Leidenschaftlich's finest black ops agents that once casually disposed an arms dealing cartel in a two-man operation and practically spearheaded the final Battle of Intense before she lost both her arms. As evident in the story, many have underestimated Violet to their utter peril.
    • "I rush anywhere my customers desire." This includes distant countryside unsafe from bandits, a face-to-face meeting with a dangerous war criminal in the same prison cell up to an active warzone.
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    • How does she get to Aiden? Dropping from a reconnaissance plane mid-air to the middle of a battlefield! She then very efficiently, and non-lethally, neutralises the platoon of soldiers that were about to finish him off.
    • Violet calmly defending the upbringing of her master Leon, all without getting offensive or raising her voice.
    Co-worker: “You’re… saying this to cover up for Leon because he’s your partner, aren’t you?!”
    Violet: “I am merely saying the truth… however… that might be correct…”
    • Her dramatic rescue of Lady Lux (if a bit late), disguised as one of the nuns. Bonus points for showing combat strength akin to Garnet Spear, their god of war and throwing it right back in their face.
    Violet: "Challengers, come forward. I, Violet Evergarden, shall take you on."
  • Princess Charlotte in the anime, who couldn't be older than Violet, educates herself and engages in royal and political matter all by her volition, even though she doesn't fully like it.
  • Violet, with her usual literal-mindedness, interprets an offhand joke by Oscar Webster as a legitimate request to walk across the lake, and sets out to do as asked. She manages, a sight so beautiful it moves Oscar to tears, as it vicariously fulfilled his late daughter's wish.
    • In an already gorgeously animated work, the lake scene stands out head and shoulders. Just look at it.
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  • In an understated way, the Character Development Violet displays during her assignment with the Magnolias. While still somewhat subdued and awkward, her interactions with young Anne are far more tactful and natural than the old Violet could have managed. And then, of course, comes the reveal that she was fighting back tears the whole time. It's taken time, but Violet has truly learned how to feel.
  • Chapter 13 in the Light Novel is full of those moments, from Violet defeating a group of hijackers in seconds without anybody being able to see anything, to Hodgins buying a privately-owned train station and hiring the entire village it belongs to, only to have his employees blow it up less than two hours later, just to stop the train!


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