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  • Even if it's set in a Dung Ages Crapsack World, Knights still shows flashes of shining armour:
    • Mist refuses to yield in the face of a Sadistic Choice, not letting up on Always Save the Girl even at the cost of massive blood and pain. And how does the Distressed Damsel repay him? Despite having been tortured and her arms dislocated, she belts Mist's tormentor with the weighted ball and chain attached to her feet, saving his life and killing his enemy.
    • Euphemia and her...unorthodox method of dealing with the Mooks that like to harass Mist. Quadruply so when you find out she spent much of her childhood in a dungeon, held as a suspected witch and raped repeatedly. She took her body back and chose to use both her sex appeal and her knowledge of potions as a weapon to help those she cared for.
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    • After a lot of stupid shenanigans between Nina and Euphemia over Mist, their heart-to-heart finally leads Nina to get off the Yan Dere train, take a level in badass, and go Big Damn Heroes on Mist's behalf against a crazed religious fanatic. Bear in mind that this is the Damsel in Distress we're talking about here.
    • Later, to rescue Mist from an attack by his charming father, Handsome Lech Leonardo performs a Heroic Sacrifice...and is repaid when the pet black cat he rescues saves him in return with some clever key theft.

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