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Godoka has competition
  • The moment in episode 2 when Togo decides that she's not going to let her fears or her disability hold her back, pulls out her phone, and transforms into her magical girl form for the first time.
  • Karin's first appearance in episode 3, in which she easily dispatches the fifth Vertex in a single attack before sealing it alone, a process which had been stated to require multiple people.
  • Whenever one of the girls breaks out her Mankai form. These later become Tearjerkers when the price of using Mankai is revealed.
  • Yuna and Togo teaming up in episode 5 to take down the giant vertex, culminating in Yuna smashing its core to pieces with her mankai-enhanced fists.
  • The fight between Yuna and Fu in episode 9, where Yuna more than manages to hold her own fighting barehanded against Fu's BFS, until Itsuki is able to arrive and calm her sister down.
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  • The big reveal in episode 10 of the hellscape that lies beyond the Shinju's barrier.
  • Karin's awesome fight in Episode 11, in which she single-handedly takes down five Vertex, all the while shouting the Hero Club tenets at the top of her lungs. Also doubles as a huge Tearjerker moment, because she goes Mankai four times in a row to win the battle, knowing exactly what's going to happen to her and willingly making the sacrifice for her friends.
  • Episode 12 is chock-full of these:
    • The fight between Yuna and Togo, with them both using their Mankai forms, ending with Yuna punching Togo in the face before they both collapse into an embrace. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • As Togo, Fu and Itsuki are trying (and failing) to hold off the Leo Starcluster's final attack, with Yuna incapacitated after her battle with Togo, suddenly Karin comes out of nowhere, uses her Mankai form yet again and joins the Hero Club's defense. Keep in mind that at this point she is blind, deaf and can't use the right side of her body thanks to her four consecutive Mankai last episode.
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    • Yuna dragging her now-useless legs back to the battlefield and screaming herself into Mankai directly from her human form before taking out the final Vertex.
  • Every time Yuna declares that she's a hero.
  • In Chapter 4 of the Washio Sumi Light Novel, Gin drives back three Vertexes by herself, without fairies or Mankai. Gin sadly succumbs to her injuries soon after, but when Sumi and Sonoko find her, they find that she died standing.
  • The Unfortunate Metaphor is amazing, and its delivery is pretty good too. Episode 2 makes it clear as mud when Yuki brings out pressed mushrooms, and it's not until Episode 7 when the team gets into the water and starts collecting flowers from the water that you realize both that Yuna's hobby is pressing flowers ... and all the girls are flowers too. Episode 10, where Yuna wishes for the flower-pressing club to invite her, is the icing on the cake.
  • In the bonus chapter of Sonoko After, The Taisha beg Sonoko to transform and take down Togo. Her response? She basically tells them that they brought this upon themselves.
  • In the beginning of the third Washio Sumi movie, a Vertex decides to attack during Gin's funeral. Big mistake. Sumi and Sonoko go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, which leads to a Curb-Stomp Battle where the Vertex gets run over]].
  • In episode 2 of Hero Chapter, Sonoko uses up her Mankai early, as a transport for the rest of the group. When the rest of the club worries that she's giving up the ability to block 5 mortal wounds, her response is essentially 'well we didn't have barriers to start with, so it's fine!'
    • She makes good on that too - in the final battle, she blocks a massive attack from a Vertex with just her normal shield without any apparent trouble.
  • The climax of Hero Chapter starts with Togo trying to and failing to rescue Yuna, with the rest of the Hero Club having expended a lot of their stamina to get her this far. As she begs for a world not built on sacrificing those dear to her, she is joined by the wills of Heroes past and present. This collective prayer gets the Shinju to entrust humanity with their future, and it greatly empowers Yuna, allowing her to punch out the heavenly gods. In its dying throes, the Shinju even uses the last of its power to fully restore the world, letting the Hero Club live the lives they wanted.

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