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  • Right in the first episode, the sausage scene. The mundane act of trying to stop food from falling on the floor, played out like an episode of Dragon Ball Z.
    • One. Two. Three. Safe.
  • Yuuko and Mio's hallway chase scene in second episode.
    Mio: I! Can't! Let! That! Happen! My life... IS ON FIRE!
  • Yuuko and Mio arguing so hard in Episode 14 that it turns back into friendship. Doubles as a heartwarming moment.
  • The Go-soccer match in Episode 19. Full stop.
  • The entire battle with the Principal and the Deer, ending with the principal SUPLEXING THE DEER.
  • Mio one-hit KO-ing everyone (including a policeman and Sasahara's goat) over her drawings, as seen in Episode 16.
  • Mio vs the Airship crew in Episode 21.
  • Yuuko and Mio's chase scene in Episode 25.
  • Manga chapter 143: Mio's sister Yoshino meets Mai. Troll-on-Troll Combat ensues! It's a draw.
  • Manga chapter 171: Yuuko resists one of the Professor's temper tantrums. How? By throwing an even bigger tantrum, then proceeding to distract the Professor with something nonsensical.
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  • Manga chapter 178: Nano shows off some unexpected functions.
  • The hard climb the anime has had over 8 years (Bandai shutting down without having a chance to physically release it, then Funimation initially releasing it sub-only after its rescue) to finally getting an English dub (something fans almost thought impossible due to its frequent wordplay) is nothing short of amazing.


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