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Headscratchers / Nichijou

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  • Yeah yeah, Rule of Funny. But could Yukko just not remove the chalkboard eraser from the lower door in episode 10? Not like she couldn't reach it.
    • Yukko's big on the Boke and Tsukkomi Routine. So yeah, Rule of Funny demands that she don't just remove it.
    • She could have also, upon noticing the eraser in the first door, simply opened the door without stepping forward. But yeah, Yukko wouldn't do something like that because she wouldn't find it funny.
  • The Professor built Nano. She demonstrates this by continually updating Nano. So, shouldn't the Professor be in charge of Nano? Or else…
    • …hang on, I've got to add the "Professor is an orphan/has absentee parents/got emancipated (she does have a Ph.D. after all) and deliberately created Nano as a nanny/replacement parent" hypothesis to the WMG page.
  • And speaking of the Professor, how the heck did an 8-year old arranged an scholarship for Nano? The more you think of it (age, documentations, the fact that she started in High School), the less sense it makes. Well ok, so she might or might not be of the same family as the director of the school, since they share the same surname, BUT STILL!
    • And the fact that Nano's surname not being a secret at all doesn't hint Nakamura that her objectives WOULD come around pretty grievously for her career as a teacher, if she ever achieved capturing Nano... At very least, she'd be wronging someone from the Director's family.
  • Is there any more plot to the Fe Kingdom skits that the anime missed? I want to know why the princess was so cruel as to drop henchmen out of the blimp for not entertaining her (it would explain why they staged a rebellion in the first one). Also, possible fridge brilliance; is the blimp from the kingdom or is it actually THE Fe Kingdom?
    • After 172 chapters, only three involve the Fe Kingdom, all of which are in the anime. As for cruelty: Keep in mind the "entertain me or I'll drop you to your death" scene was AFTER the men had mutineed. She may have been plenty nice, but after what they did she wasn't anymore, to them at least. (Also, being Yukko's daydreams, continuity's not important.)
  • Probably a question about Japanese schools (or even schools with uniforms in general) but, Why do they have two uniforms they switch back and forth from, that EVERYBODY wears that day? Are there assigned uniform days or something?
    • They have one uniform for cold months (the yellow & red one in Nichijou), and one uniform for hot months (the white & blue one in Nichijou). Of course, the designs (especially of the winter type) vary wildly between schools.
      • THANK you!
  • I don't understand the stairs game. What are they doing?
    • A totally made-up game where players have a round of rock-paper-scissors and the winner climbs a stair per mora of any word.

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