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Awesome / Imadoki!

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Warning! As per page policy, the moments page will have unmarked spoilers.

  • Tanpopo smacking student council president Ogata because he mocked Arisa over her pregnancy, with the slap taking up an entire page and ends the chapter!
    Tanpopo: Kugyo-kun, do you mind if the Gardening Club gets rejected?
    Kouki: Not at all.
  • Tsukiko asking Erika what she is without being a Yanahara, and then tells her that the Gardening Club cannot continue without Tanpopo in its midst, but they can easily do without her.
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  • Tanpopo not only rescues Erika from another suicide attempt, she also slaps her and tells her that she has had it with Erika's constant self-pity!


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