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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Tatsumi, on his first mission, holds his own against an experienced Teigu user armed only with an ordinary sword.
  • Tatsumi and Bulat vs The Three Beasts; the fight starts off with an immediate CMOA when Bulat unleashes Incursio and kills Daidara by splitting him vertically in half before the hulking axe-wielder can even strike a single blow. (Bonus points for Daidara realizing he's screwed a second before the blow lands and the look of terror on the axe-crazy serial killer.) Then Bulat manages to fight General River equally in an epic Teigu battle filled with dragons made of water and lightning fast armour attacks, and pulls a Taking You with Me as he gives his life to end River. Then Tatsumi inherits Incursio and after verbally smaching Nyau down, enraging the sadist until he loses it and attacks head-on, and then kills him with a single punch, sending Nyau flying into a wall with so much force that it kills him on impact.
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  • In the middle of Dr. Stylish's attack on the Night Raid base, he's starting to take the upper hand with his poison when Najenda and two new members pull a Big Damn Heroes, swooping in on a flying manta ray. Susanoo, who is a Teigu and thus cannot be affected by the poison, makes short work of Stylish's pawns and, with Mine, holds off Stylish's One-Winged Angel mode long enough for Akame to land a killing blow.
  • Lubbock, normally the Butt-Monkey, defeats two of the four Rakshasa Demons on his own; even Akame had a bit of trouble against the one she faced off against.
    • How he kills them both deserves explanation. First he gives up playing being dead so that he can save the life of a female spy allied to Night Raid, then fights against the first of the Demons long enough to get his threds inside the monk's body and slice his heart to pieces. Then after the second Demon manages to negate his advantage he throws a knife at her in what looks like a desperate last attack, only to pull the strings attached to the knife back and send it flying into the Demon's back as she prepares to execute him.
  • Mine's fight against Seryu, the second time around. She has not only Sheele to avenge but also Chelsea, whose body was eaten by Koro, much to Seryu's glee. Even though most of her scenes with Chelsea were about Chelsea annoying her, Mine still remembers some fond times together, which she thinks about when cutting Seryu in half.
    • And, subsequently, Tatsumi's Big Damn Heroes to save her, pulling her out of the blast radius from Seryu's implanted suicide bomb. Doubled with Heartwarming Moments.
  • Wave finally snaps and falcon punches Syura following a day of seeing the horrors of Wild Hunt against innocent people, topping off with him threatening Kurome, as he's struggling against the anger.
    • Chapter 47: Wave getting up after Shura stops holding back and lands a powerful blow to deliver a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. If not for General Budou stopping him, Wave would have stomped Shura's crotch till his foot finally met the ground, but a brief small consolation afterward is that Shura, for the first time since his debut, is bitter.
  • Champ finally dies by being burned alive by his own powers until nothing but his charred black skeleton remains. It can be argued that he could never suffer enough for all the crap he pulled, but at least the readers won't have to suffer his presence again.
    • That issue was just brutal to Wild Hunt; after Champ's long-earned death Cosmina is sniped through the throat by Mine as she attempts to rape Run and Enshin is slashed by Akame after a beautiful display of agility where she proves that despite his Teigu being at full-power, killing him doesn't even take effort on her part. He can only remark on Akame's strength as he drops dead.
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  • Chapter 51: Tatsumi admitting that he has a girlfriend to Esdeath's face. To be fair, she didn't let it bother her much after a while.
  • Chapter 52: Lubbock revealing the Trump Card of his Teigu and garroting Syura with it. And this is after under-going Cold-Blooded Torture where he lost a testicle. His murder of Syura, and avenging all his victims, is one of the most satisfying moments in the entire manga.
  • Mine taking about one-hundred levels in ''Badass'' by marching right into the arena where Tatsumi is about to be executed by General Esdeath and General Budo and takes them both on without even blinking, and becomes the first character to both shock and strike Budo. Don't mess with her boyfriend.
  • Tatsumi makes Incursio evolve again to protect Mine and manages to match evenly against Esdeath and Budo.
    • Not to mention the fact that he was able to move within Esdeath's frozen time and prevent her from harming his friends. Jotaro would be proud.
  • In the anime, Tatsumi's Heroic Sacrifice in destroying the Ultimate Imperial Arm sure was amazing.
  • The final fight of the anime. Akame finally reveals Murasame's Trump Card, which gives her enough power to fight Esdeath on even terms, even forcing Esdeath to make a Life-or-Limb Decision, before finally killing her.
  • Chapter 56: Tatsumi becomes the first person to ever land a blow on Esdeath in the entire series. It was strong enough to KO her for the rest of the fight and even after the battle was over, she still feels the impact of his attack.
    • Mine also kills Budo, the second strongest general after Esdeath.
  • In a series where Anyone Can Die leaving chapter 59 hanging on Dorothea fighting Leone left Leone fans rattled given that Dorothea can suck her opponent to a skeleton in seconds. Granted Leone can regenerate, but still. You could consider this the worst opponent ever for Leone. Cue chapter 60 rolling off the press where Not only does Leone win, but she breaks Dorothea's neck, then makes sure that Dorothea is dead by crushing her under a slab of very heavy looking rock. Score another one for the good guys.
  • Meta: Despite being the first ever Sentai Filmworks anime to air in Toonami, it went very well with the ratings upon initial broadcast.
  • Chapter 62: Akame faces her own worst opponent, the completely armored Wave. Murasame cannot pierce the armor of Grand Chariot and Akame is barely hanging on, a single hit from Wave will kill her. So what does she do? Akame, calmly and confidently, outright lies and tells Wave that if she keeps striking the same point on his armor, Murasame will be able to break through and hit him. This makes Wave panic and attack more frantically, making his attacks much easier to dodge until it becomes clear that Akame no longer has to try very hard to evade him. And when she actually does manage to damage a single piece of his Teigu, it rattles him enough that when Akame says their fight has been decided, Wave doesn't disagree.
  • Chapter 66 can essentially be considered one giant one for Wave. Not only does he interrupt the fight between Akame and Kurome, not only does he survive fighting Tatsumi, not only does he obtain Run's Mastema and use it in conjecture with Grand Chariot, but he defies all expectations and saves Kurome from dying without dying himself, convinces her to leave the Empire with him, and abandons the war altogether, all while swearing to Akame he would protect her until it's all over. Quite possibly his greatest moment in the entire series.
    • Quite fittingly, the chapter itself is named "Kill Fate".
  • Chapters 71 and 72 is one for Prime Minister Honest of all people. Throughout the manga and the anime, he's been shown as a Fat Bastard Dirty Coward who's only in power because Esdeath's around to reinforce his rule. Karma looks like it's about to come for him when Leone shows up like in the anime...and then he catches her projectile, eats it, then overpowers her in combat before destroying her Teigu and shooting her full of holes, tossing her off a building to die on the ground for good measure, almost like he's mocking how his anime self went out. Safe to say, nobody saw that coming.
  • Chapter 74 was filled to the brim with awesome moments.
    • Tatsumi Manages to push Incursio to limits what were thought beyond possible while still maintaining a modicum of control, going toe to toe with The Supreme Teigu and teaming up with Wave.
    • In said team-up with Wave, delivering a coordinated, combined kick that sends The Emperor on the defensive.
    • Tatsumi shutting down The Emperor's grandstanding speech about a glorious future for The Empire, and how Tatsumi is doomed by telling him he's Emperor of nothing pointing out that not caring about the lives of your soldiers and civilians in combat does not make for a good strategy. The Emperor can only look on in horror as his ENTIRE ARMY deserts by the thousands. It's so bad it kickstarts The Emperor's breakdown.
      • Can also overlap with Tear Jerker. The Emperor isn't massacring innocents by choice but because he was brainwashed by Honest, The Emperor intended to use the supreme teigu to just kill the revolutionary army commander to avoid casualties on both sides and end the rebellion, but Honest had none of that.
    • Akame getting a power boost of her own in order to fight off Esdeath, even surprising her by breaking her ice!
    • Tatsumi felling The Supreme Teigu in a style that would make his Bro (And the bro of another series proud. Using every bit of his strength to pierce through The Supreme Teigu's weakpoint, causing it to partly explode and collapse to the ground. The Revolution is over, and Night Raid has helped claim victory.
      • This like above is also a bit of a Tear Jerker if the emperor died. The emperor was willing to put down a rebellion he thought was evil by piloting the empire's trump card himself. When activating the weapon, the emperor, after sensing what it was capable of, objected to using it because of how powerful it was. The emperor whilst naive would surely have grown to be The Good King if he had been taken away from Honest's control much earlier. Out of all the good characters who have died wanting to make the empire a better place, none got quite as awful a death as the emperor and he will have no one to remember him fondly, in fact history will look upon him in the opposite light.
  • Chapter 75 is one only to show how Badass Esdeath is. Akame took some drugs to enhance her skills, but she can't even hit Esdeath, it just makes her more excited, and worse still, its effects are anything but good. Najenda meanwhile surrounds Esdeath, with 100,000 soldiers and 10 Teigu users, and the best part is that Esdeath was fully aware of this and asks if she actually thought she could beat her with a mere million men. Esdeath then uses her ice cavalry to cover a great part of the continent in ice right before freezing the soldiers around her and some Teigu users.
  • The final chapter has a temporarily revived Leone kicking Honest's sorry ass and chucking him off a balcony, where he's at the "mercy" of the Revolutionary Army.
    • Honest surprisingly survived getting a hole punched into his stomach and thrown off a balcony because of his training. The man, however, fell into a crowd full of people whose lives he ruined. Instead of getting immediately torn to pieces right there and then, the crowd decides to line up and personally take their pound of flesh out of the Fat Bastard. Honest gets exactly what he deserves as he is subjected to what history will call the most gruesome execution.
    • Compared to Honest's drawn out and humiliating execution, the young emperor chose to Face Death with Dignity. Instead of crying and being a laughingstock, the emperor walks calmly to his death with his pride intact.

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