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  • Acting for Two: Risa Mizuno voices both Najenda and Coro. Averted in the English dub, however, where both are portrayed by different voice actresses.
  • Actor Allusion:
    • Bulat, voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi, has a character call him "Bro"/"aniki", just like Kamina. He also dies in the same episode number Kamina did, doing nearly the exact same thing too.
    • Sheele, voiced by Mamiko Noto, is a quiet, reserved, scissors-wielding girl, just like Kotomi. After she dies, Akame prepares some dango as an offering in her memory.
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    • Budo is a Shout-Out to the series Armored Trooper VOTOMS. In the anime his voice actor is Hozumi Gouda.
    • Leone, voiced by Allison Keith in the dub, is a sexy Hard-Drinking Party Girl, much like Misato.
  • Anime First: Not the adaptation itself but rather Shikoutazer, the Ultimate Teigu appeared in the anime before its appearance in the manga.
  • Character-Specific Pages:
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Both the Emperor and Nyau have female voice actors in the Japanese version. Averted with Nyau in the English version since he is voiced by male voice actor Clint Bickham.
  • Dueling Shows:
  • Fandom Nickname:
    • Seryu is often called Justice Girl or Justice-chan due her obsession with justice and who is right or wrong.
    • It's not uncommon for people to refer to Wild Hunt as "Rape Hunt" or "Wild Cunt" because of the group's "activities" in The Empire.
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    • In the manga the Revolutionary Army doctor that uses Perfector and gives Tatsumi a check-up in chapter 56 has been referred to as "Dr. Not Stylish" by fans due to the fact that he bears an uncanny resemblance to him while also possessing his Teigu.
    • The Ultimate Teigu, Shikoutazer is often referred to by fans as the Megazord.
    • Chelsea is often referred to as the "Ginger Lollipop".
  • God Never Said That: In early 2015 a fan asked Sentai Filmworks if they were dubbing Akame ga Kill on Twitter. They replied with "yes" which immediately caused many to assume that they were dubbing the show. After this caught wind Sentai Filmworks came out and said that their answer was only confirming their license of the show and not a confirmation for a dub. Even though the fan's question mentioned an English dub the way the question was worded caused Sentai to interpret it as asking about their license rather than a dub. That said, the series did get a dub, so those who though it would happen were Right for the Wrong Reasons.
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  • He Also Did: This series is created by Minato-Soft's very own Takahiro, who has made Majikoi! Love Me Seriously!, its sequels and spin-off fandisks; Girls Beyond the Wasteland, and They Are My Noble Masters.
  • International Coproduction: Just like other Sentai Filmworks' Spanish dubs, the Latin American Spanish dub was done between Chile and Argentina, with voice actors from both countries.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.":
    • The United States release of the manga has generated some examples of this trope. Each of the manga volumes features an omake segment at the end involving a small crossover with another Gangan Joker manga. At the time of this writing none of the manga featured in the omake segments have been licensed in the United States but Gugure Kokkuri San and Dusk Maiden of Amnesia had their anime adaptations licensed in the United States. However since My Home is a Bookstore! and Zombie-Bitch Sakina is in Bitch-Girl? never got anime adaptations nor localized releases of the manga the Western release of the Akame ga Kill! manga marks the debut of Miyu Nakzawa and Sakina Nikaidou in the United States.
    • An in-series example. Gozuki and the Leader of the Group of Terror appear in a flashback in episode 17 of the anime adaptation. Seeing as how the Akame ga Kill! Zero manga wasn't released internationally until 2016 the first appearance of these characters outside of Japan was while the anime was being simulcast.
  • Name's the Same: Champ is not the Ring Star, Oushi Black.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Kana Hanazawa, famous for doing the voices of sweet girls or heroic Action Girls, gives voice in this series to Seryu Ubiquitous, an Ax-Crazy cute but twisted girl who has a dark vision of the justice and prone to make crazed faces while shouting about killing evil doers. Although Hanazawa had voiced in the past crazed or antagonistic characters, like Nadeko Sengoku from Bakemonogatari or Rize Kamishiro, she never had voiced a truly crazy character before. And hell if she nails Seryu's crazy parts.
    • While Hitomi Nabatame has voiced villains before, she usually sticks to female characters in their late teens or adult years that fit the Ms. Fanservice trope. Here however she is Nyau.... who is a boy!
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Star-Making Role:
    • In the Japanese version Akame for Sora Amamiya alongside Touka Kirishima and Asseylum vers Allusia and Tatsumi for Soma Saito alongside Twelve. Since Akame ga Kill aired the same season as those shows it helped the two newcomer voice actors establish popularity among the fandom.
    • Similarly in the English dub Akame was this for Molly Searcy and Tatsumi was this for Corey Hartzog. Both had voiced roles for Sentai Filmworks before (alongside of lead characters before) but this was the first time both voice actors had voice leading characters in a widely popular anime and one that aired on Toonami nonetheless. Additionally Mine was this for Christina Kelly who had just started working at Sentai Filmworks the same year Akame ga Kill! aired on Toonami with Mine being her first leading role in an anime dub.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Takahiro was planning on making Akame ga Kill into an adult Visual Novel at first before he decided to turn it into a manga instead.
    • Leone's original design was very different from her current one. She sported shorter bangs, was meant to have brown hair instead of blonde hair, had longer claws in her Teigu form, had a more human-like appearance as opposed to her feline-like appearance, and wore a different outfit.
  • The Wiki Rule: Yup, there's one.

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