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Nightmare Fuel / Akame ga Kill!

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Being a series that shows the most depraved side of humankind, Akame ga Kill! is full of very disturbing moments and characters.

  • Night Raid, despite being the good guys of the series, can be very scary in some moments; by example, Sheele is a sweet, clumsy girl in her "free time", but when she is doing her job, a merciless personality emerges and she kills everyone of her objectives.
  • Oh boy where do we begin, or rather, how do we begin the first story:
    • A guard tells Tatsumi to Hold the Line while he protects Aria in the shed; not too odd a request, given the context. Then later on, we find out the whole family tortures and kills travelers; now it comes off like he's telling Tatsumi to buy them time by making himself cannon fodder. Given the family's moral standing, the request can be taken as such.
    • The tortured people thereof are barely framed in shadow, serving to show how much Takahiro plays for keeps.
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    • The utterly insane expression on Aria's face as she rants about her reasons for the aforementioned torture. The rant itself also qualifies, describing the people she horribly kills as nothing but cattle and sounding like a Voice of the Legion.
  • Imagine that you are a normal citizen walking in the streets of the Capital, then, in a dark alley, you find a very tall and scary man with a creepy grin that captures you and says that he only wants to talk a bit, and before you can say a word, he cuts your head with one of his blades. That's pretty much the fate of Zank the Beheader victims.
  • Seryu: while at first coming off as a sweet, bubbly Knight in Shining Armor, by the time she dies, she's proven herself to be the most brutal, insane psychopath in a setting full of psychopaths... until the introduction of Wild Hunt in the manga, and with the possible exception of her leader and idol, Esdeath.
  • Sheele's death is anything but pretty: first, Koro rips her in half, and after she struggles a bit to give time for Mine to escape, Koro finally opens his mouth and eats her, while not wasting time to reveal his enormous file of teeth. To make things worse, in the anime we can also hear the sound Koro makes when he chews her. Seryu's laugh at the end of the battle doesn't help this at all.
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  • The Empire's torture chamber is one of the most disturbing scenes in the whole series: people being brutalized in the most horrible and unimaginable ways while screaming in agony. One of the torture methods, a cube of hot water used to kill the prisoners in a very painful and slow way, is then cooled down by Esdeath, not to lighten the victims suffering, but to extend it! For a reason, this scene was adapted in one of the omakes of the anime and even Played for Laughs.
  • "Just got a new one to my collection!" It's a collection of faces. From people.
  • Honest's reaction to Syura's death. It looked like he brainwashed himself.
  • Chelsea's death: with her Teigu broken, she's left as nothing but an unarmed girl against the remaining two corpses under Kurome's control; the result? Shot through the chest, an arm sliced off, and bleeding out as she realizes how badly she messed up before being decapitated where she lay. Tatsumi didn't think anything had happened to her until he stumbled upon her severed head on a pike in the middle of town, at which point he can't even muster up a reaction beyond sheer horror.
  • Chapter 23.5: Sadistic doesn't even begin to describe the people who bought those girls, or what they did.
  • Chapter 71: It looked like Honest was just repulsive. But not to the point of being a Humanoid Abomination when it's implied that he EATS people and gets stronger than he looks as Leone discovers!
  • In the anime, the Emperor pulling out a gigantic mecha that resembles Golbez, and whose chief method of attack is essentially a beam-nuke. Complete with mushroom cloud. The Emperor's Sanity Slippage is none too pretty either.
    • The manga, Honest revealed that the Ultimate Teigu was modified to make sure that both it and the Emperor are under his control by the use of Purge Mode thanks to Dorothea's alchemy. Now the Emperor shows he's not himself due to him flashing a Slasher Smile and blasting everyone with extreme prejudice regardless if they are civilians OR his soldiers! And you know the beam-nuke he used before? Well in the manga, it's been upgraded to leave not a mushroom cloud but a black hole!
  • Despite the vast majority of Teigu being very awesome weapons, some of them are downright scary. Examples include:
    • Murasame, a large katana capable of inflicting death at the slightest cut. The poison that the sword injects affects even its own owner, and that is the reason why Akame is very careful when she cleans the sword.
      • In both the anime and manga, Akame has to use Murasame's curse as a Dangerous Forbidden Technique to empower herself to hope to stand a chance against Esdeath. While she survives in both depictions, the manga explicitly states that Akame is in excruciating pain almost constantly, to the point that she goes off to the origin of the Teigu to find a potential cure before it inevitably kills her.
    • Yatsufusa, another katana, has the power to "revive" the people and beings killed by its owner and use them as zombie puppets. Some of the people killed, like Doya and Hentar, have smiles in its faces, which make them disturbing.
    • Incursio looks like a very cool, sentai-esque armor with an awesome spear, and is capable of turning its user invisible. But the armor is in truth a powerful Danger Beast named Tyrant which has the ability to adapt itself in any habitat... including to its owner. When Tatsumi obtains the new form of Incursio in his battle against Budo, the transformation is so powerful that, were he to use the armor 3 or 4 times more, his body would not be able to handle it.
    • Hekatonkheires (AKA Koro). When it's not fighting, it looks like a cute, inoffensive cartoon dog. However, when it's in a fight, the Teigu increases its size and reveals a large row of teeth, being also capable of creating two arms capable of delivering powerful blows. If that's not sufficient, its trump card, Berserk, turns it into a bigger and more powerful version of itself with incredible strength and a deafening roar. However, its most frightening aspect is that despite being a weapon, it can and does eat its enemies as Sheele found out.
    • Rubicante, a flamethrower Teigu, expels a type of fire that cannot be extinguished by water. One could imagine the pain that the victims would suffer, unable to put out the fire...
    • Demon's Extract is probably the scariest Teigu to appear in the whole series!. Consisting of the blood of a Danger Beast, those who obtain its power will be able to control and produce ice. However, not just anyone can handle the menacing voices the Teigu produces once the blood is imbibed, and those who can't resist its influence die or become insane. It's no surprise a crazy sadist like Esdeath was able to make use of it.
    • Absordex, a pair of fangs-like Teigu, has the ability to suck the blood of its victims and leave them dried and in agony. The fact that its owner is a mad alchemist who seeks immortality doesn't make the things better.
  • Honest's final fate in the last chapter: kicked in the gut, disemboweled, and thrown off the balcony by Leone, then carved up like a holiday roast by the rebels; to be perfectly honest, the jerk had it coming.

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