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Nightmare Fuel / Akagi

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  • The Washizu arc, especially to those squeamish about losing blood. Some will probably find the sheer insanity of it all unnerving as well, not to mention Washizu's Demonic Possession moment. The sounds he makes gives a far worse image.
  • Ichikawa and Akagi's game of Russian Roulette is really, really intense in the anime. And Akagi later gives a punk the same treatment. None of the three were hit, though.
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  • In chapter 246, after Washizu collapses from blood loss, he wakes up in complete darkness with a strange light in the distance. His confusion and slow realization that he has passed on is disturbingly realistic for anyone who fears dying without warning or in their sleep and suddenly finding themselves in the afterlife. The ensuing arc set in Jigoku/Buddhist Hell is pretty damn silly though, and the old man eventually wakes up or is resurrected, depending on your interpretation.

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