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The 1st episode/chapter is a Revolutionary Army scheme to recruit Tatsumi.
In short: It's an in-universe Wham Episode.
  • Tatsumi is not drugged the first day he is picked up by Aria like what Ieyasu said. Even if Aria realizes he might recognize someone in the dungeon, he did not experience anything and she did have him killed outright.
  • There is not anyone inside the manor except the family of three and the guards. No handymen or maids, who could have tipped Night Raid if the guards are collaborators? It's also very convenient that no other witnesses are around at the night when they come.
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  • Everyone available in Night Raid appeared on the scene despite the fact that the handful of people at the manor can hardly fight at all. Much more like a show of force.
  • As shown in the attack of episode 3/ chapter 2, when that girl gets on the wrong side of Night Raid and cornered, she is killed, not recruited or sent to the Revolutionary Army HQ. My theory: Sayo and Ieyasu found Night Raid first. Both are heavily wounded in their first few missions, and Sayo dies shortly after. To pay their sacrifice back, Najenda sends Leone out to find Tatsumi, put him in a desperate situation, then a group of sympathizers who are willing to die for the revolution sets up the stage.

The Emperor is really an Apparently Powerless Puppetmaster
He is fully aware of how evil the Prime Minister and his cronies are. The reason he goes along with all of it is because he's really more evil than all of them put together and relishes the pain and misery around him. The "innocent child" act ensures that the Prime Minister becomes the primary target of rebels like Night Raid.
  • Not in the anime.
    • And neither in the manga, when he is even brainwashed by the Minister to kill the rebels more efficiently.

Over the next few chapters, it won't be Lubbock who receives the Trauma Conga Line , instead it will be Tatsumi.
It's become fairly clear that this series likes to play with expectations on who will die and how, and knowing what we know about Esdeath, she'll probably do a few things to make Tatsumi hers:
  • 1 Rape him. This series hasn't been shy about putting some characters through this, and considering that Esdeath is a sadist that laid claim to Tatsumi...
  • 2 She will cement her status as a Hero Killer by taking out Mine and make Tatsumi watch. Another thing that would be in character for her.
  • 3 she will raze Tatsumi's home town as an example.

In the meantime, Lubbock will escape, tell the rest of Night Raid what went down, and that's what will lead to Mine's death.

  • Jossed: Lubbock was killed during his escape attempts

In the End, Akame will manage to kill Esdeath.
...But Esdeath will use her Teigu's power to slow down the poison long enough to add one more member of Night Raid to the Death Count. Most likely Mine.
  • Confirmed in the anime version. Confirmed in the manga too..

In the end of the anime, Esdeath and likely the remaining Jaegers will perform a full Heel–Face Turn.
Because of Esdeath's great love for Tatsumi, this becomes a soft spot for her. She also will never change unless she loses in some way.
Now that Tatsumi is added to the body count, this will not go well for her.
  • Jossed. Esdeath squared off with Akame while the other two is left out of the conflict.

Honest will receive a Fate Worse than Death.
  • Jossed. At least in the animé, his face was pummeled into a pulp by Leone without her Imperial Arm.
    • Jossed in the manga too. Even when he is submitted to a long and brutal torture, the narration mentions he eventually died from his wounds.

Akame's character design was based off a Hentai character.
Hentai character in question is a the character named Hikaru Izumi, the titular main protagonist of the hentai game Seito Kaichou Hikaru.
  • Both Akame and Hikaru are very identical to one another in terms of appearance, both are sword-women with red eyes and long black hair that fight in a black Mini Dress Of Power with red highlight. Hikaru's outfit also consist of a white collar and a red tie, much like Akame. In fact, Hikaru appearance in the OVA of Seito Kaichou Hikaru looks almost the same to the anime's version of Akame, only with slightly differences in the bangs of their hair and their outfits being the only major difference.
  • Also, it should be important to know that the game, Seito Kaichou Hikaru, was release on July 24, 2009, roughly six months before the first chapter of Akame ga Kill, which was released on March 20, 2010. So it might be possible that Tetsuya Tashiro model Akame after Hikaru, since the game would have been released during the earlier stages of the creation of the manga.
  • In addition, the OVA of Seito Kaichou Hikaru was released on April 23, 2010, about one month after the manga's first chapter was release. Why in this important ? Cause you are looking at roughly two months worth of trailers and concept art before the OVA release. So Tashiro could have finalized Akame design based off of Hikaru's OVA designs.
  • Why would Tetsuya Tashiro model Akame after this hentai character (despite obviously the fact it was cool character design)? Because Seito Kaichou Hikaru was not all that popular, in fact, the OVA series of Seito Kaichou Hikaru was reduce to one episode due to the lack of sales, and he probably assumed that no one would notice because of this reason.
  • The fact that the series was originally going to an adult visual novel certainly helps support this theory.
  • There are also couple other characters that might have been based on characters from Seito Kaichou Hikaru. Zank, Akame's first major opponent in the series, bears a strong resembles to Varmus, the main antagonist of Seito Kaichou Hikaru, while Varmus is in his human form. Tsukushi, from Akame ga Kill: Zero, seems to based of Hikaru's best friend, Yuki Ayatsuji, both having shoulder-length brown hair and extreme large breasts.

The guy Najenda rejected in the flashback of Chapter 39 was Syura.
In Chapter 39, Najenda tells Tatsumi of how she would continuously reject guys during her time as a general, after the reader is shown a flashback of Najenda rejecting a guy who tried to proposed to her. If you pay attention to the guy, he looks kind of like a younger Syura, complete with dark skin and light colored hair, but minus the scar and a different hair style. The guy also claimed to be of royal blood, despite the fact the Emperor is the only know royalty within the Empire. However, if the man is Syura, he probably would considered himself royalty since Honest pretty much controls the Empire.

Tatsumi is the titular Red-eyed killer.
When Tatsumi, the main focus of the story, forced Incursio to evolve, one of his eyes became red as a result of Tatsumi's body slowly merging with the teigu. The other red-eyed protagonist, Akame barely receives any focus aside of being a central member of Night Raid, and while she is important in the anime and manga, she is not as prominent as Tatsumi.

The remaining leaders of The Empire will attempt a coup on The Emperor and Prime Minister Honest.
With most of their generals and strongest soldiers already dead, and with the oncoming march of The Revolutionary Army, the rest of The Empire only allied to Honest by fear will attempt to oust or even assassinate him and The Emperor to try and put an end to their madness. Though he has Esdeath and the remaining Jeagers, his corrupt hold will only continue to loosen.

Honest has more planned than he seems.
No matter the continuous loss after loss of his soldiers, allies, and even family, Honest's resolve barely waivers. Though The Emperor has access to "The Ultimate Teigu", Honest must have a serious ace up his sleeve to believe he can cut such massive losses to his side. As well, after the loss of Syura, he already talks about replacing him with an even better son. Perhaps he has a teigu to actually enact this so fast?
  • More or less true, considering he instaled the Purgue Mode in the Ultimate Teigu thanks to Dorothea's research. He also reveals to be in possesion of a Teigu, but it's the same Teigu he had in the anime, just with a different design.

Out of natural cruelty, Esdeath finds and razes Tatsumi's village as a war declaration for rejecting her.
Tastumi is a generally kind, decent and likable character with an open heart of gold, however tragedy heaped upon trauma have slowly dented his morally composed demeanor to the point of eroding his once gentle personality. So much that he'd lost his warm smile, in a two pronged attempt either by the Prime Minister or simply on her own cruel streak, Esdeath under orders Launches an assault on his home villa; razing everything to the ground, mutilating and violating everyone he ever knew or cared about:
  • 1 Consumed by his already compounded grief and despair, Tatsumi violently snaps willfully letting Tyrant consume him to become a vicious self-evolving danger beast hell-bent on destroying the capitol.
  • 2 After just receiving the news of his homes horrid fate. Tatsumi in his heartbroken rage swears on his unassailable fury to killing Esdeath, Honest and eradicating the corrupt empire that took everything from him.
  • 3 Having born witness to the death of his hometown at the hands Esdeath's army; vents his rage by embracing violence and slaughters her soldiers, contacts, affiliates and whoever else she's connected too left and right before doing bloody battle with the hated general.
  • Jossed. Tatsumi's village ends safe and well in both anime and manga.

The final battle in the manga will be Murasame!Akame (possessed) vs Incursio!Tatsumi (consumed)
This is seemly Jossed as Akame seemly kills Incursio!Tatsumi before finishing her fight with Esdeath in chapter 76.

It's all just a video game.
The series doesn't actually take place in a dark fantasy world, but rather an advance virtual simulation of an rpg game. In the game, player are given only one life per game, and can only win the game by killing the Emperor, or the rebellion leader( who has yet to appear). The game can also last months if not years. Tatsumi and Wave are the two newest players, while everyone else has played the game or games(s) for a while. Evidence of this includes:
  • Characters openly using gaming terms, like "leveling up" and "gaining experience points".
  • The author of the series, Takahiro, once refers to Tatsumi and Wave, as "Player 1" and "Player 2".
  • The dating sims text box in Episode 14.
  • The overall Cliché Storm of a story, which is pretty standard for your fantasy based games.
  • The fact that some form of modern technology exist is a supposedly fantasy world.
  • Tatsumi quickly jumping to the conclusion that there is an item that can resurrect people/players.
  • Also, character have a habit of talking about a "next life". A belief in reincarnation, or is this "next life" a new game where characters can return to play again?

Akame's battle with Zank foreshadowed her losing her humanity to Murasame and killing Kurome
At first glance Zank seemed like another quirky minor villain meant to demonstrate the corruption of The Empire like Aria and Ogre. However, one interpretation of his character could be that he is a representation of what Akame is afraid of becoming. Both characters come from not so different backgrounds as they both were mentally stricken by the work The Empire put them into. Akame developed her stoic demeanor as a result of her allies in the Elite Seven (an assassination squad created by The Empire) dying while Zank was driven mad by the insane amount of executions Prime Minister Honest ordered which led to him going on murderous rampages. In a way Zank metaphorically "lost his humanity" after going insane and during Akame's battle with him called her out on being similar. He tried to argue that him killing random civilians was no different from her murder of countless targets as both a member of the Elite Seven and Night Raid. There's also the fact that during their battle Zank took on the form of Kurome as his Teigu allowed him to take on the form of the person his opponent values the most. Chapter 64 of the manga reveals that Akame can activate her trump card if she discards her humanity and the manga has now started Akame and Kurome's duel with each other. It is very likely that Akame will give up on her humanity and become possessed by Murasame after killing Kurome. Akame's battle with Zank foreshadowed this by having her opponent take on the form of Kurome as well as having her opponent be a reflection of what she fears becoming if she allowed her endless bloodshed to take over and give up on her remaining humanity. Lastly, similar to how Zank thanked Akame for killing him at the end of their battle, Akame wants Tatsumi to kill her if she becomes consumed by Murasame bringing up the possibility that Akame remembers how senselessly violent Zank was and wants to prevent herself from becoming like him.

  • Jossed. Kurome was able to survive her battle with Akame, thanks to Wave, and Akame doesn't use her trump card during that fight. However, the "losing her humanity" part might still come true, but during a different battle.

Suzuka will be a Spanner in the Works for The Empire.
Suzuka is the last surviving member of several teams serving The Empire, now landing as Prime Minister Honest's personal bodyguard, and subordinate to Esdeath. Her extreme level of masochism being a factor, and making her obsessed with Esdeath, the ultimate sadist. This will somehow bite them in the ass when her obsession with Esdeath/pain distracts her from her mission or causes one of their plans to go wrong, ironic since the corrupt regime she serves had become notorious for it's cruel punishments.

The First Emperor attempted to find a means to immortality in the creation of Teigu.
Even though it was already explicitly stated that the First Emperor created Teigu because he knew he couldn't live forever, that doesn't mean he didn't try to find immortality in Teigu. Chances are in his attempts to create Teigu that tried to achieve immortality he realized it would be impossible and gave up. These Teigu support this theory...
  • Yatsufusa: The most blatant example. This Teigu can resurrect any deceased corpses that it stabs essentially bringing them back to life though with the drawback that whomever is stabbed has no free will, and will maintain any damage they receive in battle.
  • Absorbdex: As we saw with Dorothea she was able to use this Teigu to maintain her youth by sucking the blood out of other people. Dorothea believed that she could use this Teigu to make herself immortal so in theory if used enough it could prolong your life indefinitely. However the drawback with this one is that it requires the existence of other people in order to be used to its fullest effect, and eventually it would result in the death of everyone else in the world thus meaning its impossible for this Teigu to achieve immortality.
  • Susanoo: This is the closest the First Emperor came to achieving immortality through Teigu. Had it not been for his core Susanoo would have been immortal himself. As we saw Susanoo managed to live for 1000 years without dying of any natural causes and as long as no one tries to destroy his core he could have lived forever as far as we're concerned. Similarly Coro, another organic Teigu followed the same principles. Considering how Teigu are weapons first their cores were most likely made as a way to balance them out, but the fact that they are biologically immortal and cannot be killed otherwise shows that the First Emperor came close to finding some means to create immortality but maybe something about their creation couldn't have been replicated with humans.

Akame ga Kill! was meant to be a seinen manga also giving us an idea of what the visual novel was meant to be like
There are many people who have confused Akame ga Kill! for a seinen because of its grimdark violence, frequent character deaths, and Crapsack World. However based on the little details that we know about the manga's publication Takahiro may have planned the series to be a seinen until it was ultimately decided to be a shounen. In fact looking at this history brings in some speculation to what the visual novel would have been like and a few original concepts for the story. It all comes together when you consider the following...
  • Takahiro is the owner of visual novel development studio Minato Soft. Most of the visual novels that studio has made have been erotic visual novels aimed at adults. Akame ga Kill! was meant to be an erotic visual novel but as revealed in the postscript for volume 1 it became a manga when Square Enix approached Takahiro to make a manga for one of their Gangan Comics magazines. Takhiro's idea for the manga as revealed in the same postscript was a story about a male protagonist who joins an all female group of assassins which was likely the premise for the erotic visual novel as well. As seen below this original concept was very much evident in the actual manga.
  • A few aspects of a Akame ga Kill! are remnants of its origins as a visual novel. This includes the attractive character designs for the female characters, Esdeath and a majority of the female cast having crushes on Tatsumi, the fact that a majority of Night Raid is females, and Mine ultimately being the one who ends up in a relationship with Tatsumi. The major character deaths were most likely a carryover of a mechanic from the visual novel in which depending on the player's decisions some characters would live while others would die in certain routes. There would have also most likely been a normal visual novel mechanic of allowing the player character to have romantic relationships with the other characters. All of these are factors that would be more appealing to an adult visual novel rather than a battle shounen manga which may indicate that when Takahiro was offered the opportunity to make Akame ga Kill! a manga he probably wanted it to be a seinen.
  • Bulat's inclusion in the manga's story is most likely a hint that Takahiro had intended that one of the "female assassins" would have been a gay option for a romance route. This is provided that he wasn't conceived after Akame ga Kill! shifted from a visual novel to a manga. It could also be likely that Lubbock (or at least his design) was based off the original protagonist or an idea for the protagonist Takahiro had at one point as he's the odd one out in Night Raid being the only other male and unlike Bulat did not have a crush on Tatsumi.
  • Takahiro was approached by Square Enix to write a manga for them in 2007. Two years later Square Enix's Gangan Wing magazine would be replaced by Gangan Joker the magazine that Akame ga Kill! would be serialized in beginning a year later. This is most likely the event that shifted Akame ga Kill! from a seinen to a shounen. With Square Enix now needing a flagship title for Gangan Joker they most likely figured that a battle oriented shounen would be a good option for the magazine due to the genre's popularity. Takahiro probably already committed to making Akame ga Kill! a seinen at this point but with Square Enix remembering Takahiro's concept and how it could have been ripe for a battle oriented series, they decided to put his story in Gangan Joker which in turn would result in it being a shounen.
  • The anime original ending could have likely been an idea that Takahiro had for one of the visual novel's bad endings.
  • There have been stories floating around that Tatsumi was never meant to be the protagonist of Akame ga Kill! and that Takahiro created him because Square Enix wanted a male character as the lead for the shounen buying crowd to identify with. Takahiro apparently wanted Akame to be the main character in which if this story is true shows that upon the shift from visual novel to manga Takahiro figured the idea of a male protagonist wouldn't work in a manga. It could also be further evidence that he wanted to make the manga a seinen since as we see in the actual manga Akame's character arc is much darker than Tatsumi's. There's also the fact that Akame ga Kill! Zero where she is the protagonist is a seinen and not a shounen.

Prime Minister Honest is a literal monster.
Honest's corruption and direction of The Empire seems Stupid Evil at first glance. Putting the most Sociopathic Soldier and crooked officials in positions in power. Inciting and quelling rebellion violently while assassinating anyone who dares question him. Even if The Empire manages to defeat The Rebellion, it is unlikely they'd be able to retain that power much longer, especially losing their strongest and smartest in the process. Because this is exactly what Honest wants. He wants to create a massive conflict between human factions so he can push humanity to extinction and Kill All Humans, because he is in fact a humanoid Danger Beast. Realizing that attacking humanity would be a moot point, he instead disguised himself as a human to influence the strongest human civilization into becoming a Crapsack World and destroying itself.

Tatsumi is cursed
Let's face it, there is just too many cases of Doom Magnet‎, Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!, and evidence of a Cartwright Curse linking back to this guy to be a coincidence. Sure he mean well, but it seems that anyone who starts becoming close to him usually get some form of misfortune shortly afterwards. Why else would seasoned assassins, that have been going their jobs for years, are killed off shortly after spending a couple weeks, or even days, after meeting Tatsumi. It's possible that Tatsumi's village elder knew about this and had him sent away to a corrupted capital in an attempt to restore fortune to the village, and bring misfortune to the capital. In anime, it's only after Tatsumi's death did things slowly started to get better, the Empire is defeated and Tatsumi's village is given money for his deeds. Futhermore, the reason why both Leone and Esdeath were killed after his death was because they were the only two characters left that were attracted to Tatsumi, so his Cartwright Curse wouldn't allow them to live.

Tatsumi's "good luck charm" is actually a teigu that controls "luck".
  • Continuing off the "Tatsumi is cursed" theory, its possible that Tatsumi, himself, isn't curse but the idol given to him by the village elder at the beginning of his journey is actually a teigu that controls luck. The idol has the ability to give its users good luck by absorbing the "fortune" from the people around him, dooming them with bad luck. Tatsumi must be unknowingly using it all this time. As we seen with Tatsumi's counterpart, Wave, its not impossible to control two teigu at once.
  • One of the side effect of the teigu is turning the user into a Chick Magnet. In Tatsumi's flashback, it was heavily implied that Tatsumi's friend Sayo had feelings her Ieyasu, not Tatsumi, as she angrily only punched Ieyasu after both he and Tatsumi were talking about picking up woman at the capital. The fact that Tatsumi so Oblivious to Love, even when characters are clearly flirting with him, implies this only occurred after Tatsumi received the idol.
  • When Tatsumi started his adventure, he absorbed his two friends' good luck, giving him a safe journey to the capital, while his friends had the misfortune of being captured by Aria and her family. Tatsumi began to suffer bad luck while at the capital, because he hadn't spend time with anyone long enough to absorb there fortune. It's only after spending time with Aria's family, was his teigu able to absorb their good luck, inadvertently making them Night Raid's next targets.
  • When Tatsumi was with Night Raid, he unknowingly absorb the fortune of any Night Raid member that started to get close to him. As result, Tatsumi would luck out of any situation that befalls him, while the Night Raid member is doomed with bad luck and is usually killed for it. Tatsumi also absorbed the good luck of Jaegers after so much time with them when Esdeath first captured him, which would explain some their own misfortune.

There will be a Gainax Ending where everyone realizes they're in a manga
And Wave and Kurome will cause it.
  • Jossed.

Akame Ga Kill will end on a Downer Ending that will have light at the end of a tunnel in the shape of a sequel hook
  • The basic concept of my idea is that whelst Honest does die he will have caused enough chaos and weakening of the empire that when some unknown foe involving danger beast begin attacking. Humanity and the empire which is the only human force capable of fighting the threat on even ground, is absolutely weakened and lacking the teigu or scientific minds to combat it.
  • Esdeath and Tatsumi/Tyrant get away causing bloodshed and chaos wherever they go, but not before killing off most of the Revolutionary armies best fighters leaving the empire in a state of chaos.
  • all of Night raid except for maybe Akame die and history will have no record of them like in the anime. Except, it is worse here since they didn't even achieve their end goal of creating a peaceful country and the survivors die knowing that from their perspective, they have only made it worse for the empire and humanity as a whole.
  • Now for some hope in the sequel hook. The emperor survives and hardened by his betrayal and brainwashing by Honest, but retains his desire to rule the empire well set's out with a not quite dead Budo, Wave, Kurame and what ever Night raid survivor if there is one, to make order in the empire. Stop Esdeath and Tyrant and finally Defeat Danger beast threat.
  • Bonus point if the emperor stumbles upon the 24 missing original Teigu to start rebuilding the new imperial army.

Najenda will be the one to fight and kill Honest
  • With the fight raging against the unbelievable might of Esdeath, Honest appears to be trying to make a break for it. It would only make sense that the cause of the corruption within the empire would be felled by the woman who helped found the revolution against him and for killing some of her most dear subordinates.
    • Jossed. Honest is finally killed by the rebel army after being wounded by Leone. Najenda's participation in his demise is not implied either.

Leone will survive her injuries she got from Honest because was able to acquire her Teigu healing ability even after it was destroyed in battle
  • In chapter 76, the rebellion's Perfector wielding doctor, goes on to wonder if all Teigu-user will slowly transform to danger beasts after extended use and even states that Leone would have been at a greater risk of suffer this side effect than the already transformed Tatsumi. While this seem like a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment, it actually could be foreshadowing that Leone was unknowingly suffering from this side effect and possible attained a Healing Factor without her teigu.
    • Jossed. While Leone indeed merges with Lionelle and manages to survive long enough to beat Honest and deliver him to the rebels, she still dies from her wounds like in the anime.

Tatsumi and Mine had their baby before Tatsumi was kidnapped
  • With Tatsumi staying a dragon for the rest of his life, there's no plausible way that he could ever procreate. However, there's a flashback in Chapter 50 where Mine asks Tatsumi about when he was on the island with Esdeath, and if she did anything perverted to him. The flashback ends with Mine promising to make Tatsumi forget what happened, with Tatsumi fully realizing his feelings for her. If would make sense that they did it at that point, rather than after Tatsumi's transformation.
    • Seemingly confirmed by Akame and Najenda that this was indeed the case.
    • Slight problem, the thing in question was plural, not singular.
      • Possibly a mistranslation of "having kid after they're married", meaning the kid she was carrying.

In Sheele’s backstory, was her former friend the one who told her ex’s friends about what Sheele had done?
  • Did she decide to willingly rat Sheele out, out of some sort of twisted desire for revenge? Or was she tortured and/or raped until she gave up the information?
    • After all, in the world of Akame Ga Kill!, it could go either way…

During the first meeting of wild hunt, Champ tried to have his way with Dorothea.
  • Champ is a pedophile and Dorothea has the appearance of a child. he also shows little restraint and they don’t seem to interact much in the manga, so it makes sense there was awkward tension between them even by wild hunt’s standards.

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