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Famous Last Words / Akame ga Kill!

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  • "Shit!! She's coming this way!!" Aria's Guard B
  • "I'm sorry, Tatsumi... It looks like I won't be able to hug you again..." Sheele
  • "Koro... I see. You can't regenerate anymore. But I'm not done purging all of the evil... Captain... Esdeath... I don't want to die in a place like this..." Seryu Ubiquitous
  • "What!? The... hell..." Champ
  • "Run! Before you die, let's have some fun-!? Huh? What?" Cosmina
  • "Ugh...! So... strong..." Enshin
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  • "Kurome... Your psyche was warped... to this extent? This is why... the Empire that raised such a miserable girl... has... to... change..." Run
  • "Wa...wait... You're kidding me. I'm gonna surpass Pops, and take the title of Emperor for myself! How... can I...!!" Syura
  • "...Fuck... is this... the end for me...? Miss... Najen...da... A coward... like me... didn't even crack after... I had a ball crushed... I did well, right...?" Lubbock
  • "What!? My charge...! I used too much of it fighting the other brats...!" Budou
  • "How could you... betray the last request of... a fellow katana user...?" Izou
  • "N...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... I DON'T WANT TO DIIIIIIIEEE!!!! I WANT TO KEEP ATTAINING MORE KNOWLEDGE AND STAY BEAUTIFUL FOREVER~!!! STOP~!!! The life span of a human doesn't have to be this short!! We can extend it and live way beyond what was..." Dorothea
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  • "I lived my live... taking and having every thing I ever wanted. And yet... you never once turned to look at me, did you... That my last and only regret. Tatsumi..." Esdeath


  • "Now then... maybe I'll write in my diary today. I just can't stop this hobby. Eh?" Aria's Mother
  • "A fitting end for someone like me, whose true nature is rotten..." Gauri
  • "What's with these guys?! They're monsters!" Aria's Guard A
  • "Even my daughter... Have you no mercy?" Aria's Father
  • "Damn!" Aria's Guard B
  • "What's so wrong with that?! You're all worthless hicks from the country! The same as cattle! I'm free to do whatever I want to them, aren't I? And that woman... Even though she was just cattle, her hair was smooth! Who does she think she is? When I struggle with my unruly hair! That's why I made sure she suffered as much as possible! She should be grateful anyone paid that much attention to her!" Aria
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  • "Sayo... She never gave into that bitch. Even to the very end, she was so cool... So Master Ieyasu has to have a cool end..." Ieyasu
  • "Whew! Now that I feel refreshed from the bathroom, perhaps I'll ask to have another go..." Gamal
  • "Exactly who is your client? If it's recent, it must be the fiancée of the guy I just took out. I'm right, huh? I knew I should have taken care of her then, too... No, it wouldn't be too late even now. First, I'll find that woman. Then I'll frame her entire family, and murder them, one by one, in front of her eyes... After I kill you, of course!" Captain Ogre
  • "Is... Is this really allowed to happen? Every crime cries for punishment. Anyone, please...Please see that this demon gets what he deserves!" Shoui
  • "You bastards... Don't think you'll get away... with killing the minister's relatives..." Shihandai
  • "The noises have stopped. S-Splendid... Splendid. Thank you, Akame..." Zank the Executioner
  • "Night Raid... The place where I belonged. I loved all of you... It was so much fun. My apologies, Tatsumi... I won't be able to hold you any longer." Sheele
  • "Looks like I can get some great experience!" Daidara
  • "The poison will course through someone like you, one with no resistance. You cannot be saved. I will... be going... ahead." Liver
  • "Go ahead and try!" Nyau
  • "Amazing. If you're this powerful now, it's clear that eventually, you will surpass me. Keep moving forward... I'll be watching over you." Bulat
  • "There... There were still so many human experiments I wanted to do... Wh-Why do I have such bad luck?" Dr. Stylish
  • "I always knew... That one day, I'd have to face retribution. But... Even so, I must get home. They're both waiting for me... I have to get home..." Bols
  • "I see. I'm actually the one facing retribution. I wanted to be praised when I returned... "What do you think, Tatsumi? Didn't I do great?" And..." Chelsea
  • "I see... You can't regenerate anymore. But we haven't finished purging all of the evil. I don't want to... In a place like this..." Seryu Ubiquitous
  • "You've gotta be joking... I can't die here. I need the throne, so I can change this boring world! Crap, I can't... In a place like this... I was supposed to..." Syura
  • "We've been through a lot together, Cross Tail... Miss Najenda, I'm sorry. It seems like this is it for me... I'll leave the rest to you, Tatsumi." Lubbock
  • "What?" Budou
  • "A thousand years have passed since my creation. And the joy I've experienced in the past is unparalleled. I have no regrets. This is goodbye." Susanoo
  • "What are you saying? I'm already on the winning side. I love you." Mine
  • "Wave... Thank you for coming. I wish we could've been closer in a different situation. I need this to deal with my regret from back then. So I can finally move on. Let's do this, Sis. That's right. I love you, Sis." Kurome
  • "I'm sorry. Looks like I couldn't keep my promise." Tatsumi
  • "I suppose it is time to die. Tatsumi, I wish that you had been beside me." Esdeath
  • "Well, well... I said this about the emperor, too, but dealing with fools is tiring." (gets punched by Leone) "H-How do you have so much strength..." Honest
  • "Ah, it's finally over! Night Raid's done, huh? Goodbye, my friend. Don't give me that look. I'll be able to see everyone now. There... That's a nice smile. See ya." Leone
  • "Please build a peaceful kingdom without any more bloodshed." Emperor Makoto

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