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  • The fight between Rosette and Joshua was pure, unadulterated awesome. Joshua steals one of Rosette's guns and time-freezes her shooting arm, so she kicks him in the head, steals back her gun with her other hand, and then shoots him anyway.
  • The very first issue. Rosette crashes her car into a demon's face, and when it recovers a minute later and starts to attack the civilians, Rosette casually shoots it. When that fails, she pumps it full of lead with twin submachineguns. This is the kind of badassery you can expect from this girl.
  • Against Relaie, we finally get to see Chrno at his full power... and it does little to stop Relaie. Relaie, deciding to taunt Chrno, fires an explosive blast at the airship where Rosette and Asmaria are, almost certainly killing them... Only for it to turn out that Rosette planned for Relaie to underestimate her as a normal human, and set up a barrier just in time, before firing a Gospel bullet at him, taking off half of his body. What follows is a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown courtesy of Chrno, who taunts him back by telling him the reason he lost was because he underestimated humanity, before ripping his heart out and crushing it. To cap off this chain of awesome, Relaie blows up, taking the airship with him, leaving Rosette and Asmaria to enter freefall. Chrno just used up his ten minutes and can't fly anymore, and from this height, Asmaria and Rosette are certain to die...only for Asmaria to recall the inspirational words Rosette gave her, allowing her to put in just enough power to fully manifest her angel powers, allowing her to grab Rosette and fly her to safety. What a team.
  • In Chapter 13, Rosette confronts an evil spirit feeding on the inner demons within Asmaria. The spirit is taunting Rosette, and has her practically at her mercy as Rosette's words fail to get to Asmaria...until Rosette realizes that, where she did wrong with her brother, she can do right with Asmaria. She empathizes with Asmaria's fears, and rouses her by making it clear the she can overcome all the negative attention she had gained over the years as a result of her powers. The spirit is horrified as Asmaria finally listens, and Asmaria and Rosette banish the spirit utterly. Keep in mind, this spirit was responsible for over 50 massacres, all as a result of warping people's heads and spirits, and Rosette flat-out admits that 'Diving,' the process of forcibly exorcising a demon personally, is one of her weaknesses.
  • In Chapter 15, we're given two introductions to Lady of Black Magic Stella Habenheit; first, she easily infiltrates a demon smuggling operation, and is implied to beat all the smugglers senseless, and then, she meets the heroes and not three pages later summons a giant Jewel Knight to cleave a zombie monster in half... which then crosses into Funny when this causes Rosette's car to blow up, which ends up getting the two at each other's throats and Rosette demanding Stella give her compensation.
  • We get a plethora over the course of the train to Chicago arc, including Asmaria singing Rizel's bugs off the passengers, averting a huge crisis, and Rosette using some judicious amounts of Exactly What I Aimed At. Normal bullets barely slow Rizel down, and a Gospel bullet from where Rosette is stranded would almost definitely kick her off the top of the train car and reduce her to a bloody smudge on the ground. Rizel's long nails allow her to keep Rosette at a distance, and she's Genre Savvy enough to figure out that, predictably, the stronger bullets in Rosette's arsenal would easily buck her off the car. When Rizel tires of playing with her, she tries to get her marionette bugs to infect Rosette...who notices telephone towers off to the side of the train. One shot with the grappling hook pistol later, and Rizel is amazed at how terrible a shot Rosette is...only for her to suddenly feel the cord wrap around her neck as the train passes the first tower. Through strength we haven't seen from Rosette yet, she pulls Rizel towards her as the Demon screams in agony, puts the gun to Rizel's head, loads a gospel, and pulls the trigger, creating a massive explosion that, while unable to kill Rizel, deeply wounds and blinds her. The Demons should really stop underestimating the Badass Normal Sister.
    • When Rizel is able to finally suss out Rosette's location and knocks her off the train, Satella saves her while revealing she doesn't just create jewel knights - she can also create jewel flying deep-sea fish. Upon catching Rosette, Satella yells at Rosette to fire once more...and the entire front train car goes up in flames.
  • Once the quartet reaches Chicago, it's not long before a nice talk between Rosette and Chrno is interrupted by two demons showing up. One of the demons, the fat one, pursues them as Rosette leads them out of the hotel they're in by shooting out a window and hopping into a car three stories down. It gets better. Low on weapons and with Satella weakened as a result of the fall harming her hip, Rosette drives into an extended underpass with the fat demon in pursuit right next to them...before employing Car Fu, dashing the Demon against the wall for a good few panels before pulling off him a bit, aiming a gun to his head, letting out a Badass Boast, and pulling the trigger. The underpass explodes as Rosette drives out of it.
  • How the team beats the twin Demons. Remington took on his solo, and Satella helps her group by having her Tiefer Fisch ram the fat demon Kalv while it has Asmaria and Rosette dead to rights. The demon manages to bash the Tiefer Fisch enough to cause backlash to Satella, but she powers through the pain to keep Kalv down, while Chrono stabs into its mouth with a pipe. The demon laughs at Chrono's attack, only for Rosette to press her gun barrel into the pipe's other opening, leading straight into Kalv's mouth. The resulting explosion following Rosette pulling the trigger is glorious.
  • Father Remington actually brings the Big Bad into a stalemate, and neutralizes Joshua and Bid's partner. If Fiore had been accounted for as a threat, the Church would have actually won.
  • We get to see Chrno and Aion get into a fight in chapter 39. It's almost instantly over, and Aion near effortlessly wins, but Chrno was able to deal enough damage that Aion immediately passed out afterwards, allowing Magdalene to escape with Chrno.
  • Even after seeing how horrible her death will be if she continues to work with Chrono, Rosette still forces Chrono to get over himself and wake up through sheer willpower and determination, telling him that he would be insulting and disrespecting her if he continued to stay in the depths of his consciousness just to keep her safe. Even more poignant and fitting with the theme of growth, Remington was on the verge of giving up and pleading with Chrono to wake up, yet Rosette soldiers on and finally gets him to see sense. Remington was right; Rosette wasn't weaker than him, just a few steps behind. And now, she's catching up.
  • Rosette saying nuts to being a Neutral Female and getting involved in the fight between Remington and Chrno. Remington is visibly happy to see Rosette stand for herself, and it gives Chrno the insight to solve Remington's Secret Test of Character.
  • The Mêlée à Trois between Rosette, the Demon Pursuers, and the Demon Sinners. All factions go off slugging at their best, and we finally get to see Aion get his shit kicked in by Daffau.
    • This is followed by one of Rosette's greatest moments, period. She's panicking, there are hordes of demons ready to claw her face off, and they're making short work of Viede and Genai, implying Rosette and Chrono are next. She doesn't understand anything. Chrono helps her calm down, and realize something. She doesn't have to understand. She just needs to carve a bloody swath through the demon army. She deliberately calls all the attention to her by firing her most powerful gun in the air, calls them out, and starts running away while firing behind her, taking out demons in droves.
      "That's right...rather than trying to understand this...I'll do the opposite. I'LL MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND!"
  • Satella finally makes her reappearance at the end of chapter 45 to save the heroes from falling to their death.
  • Just as things look their worst in part 46, The Cavalry in the form of an airship armada, with dozens of aeroplanes and a big, honking flying machine comes to save the day, with Sister Kate at the helm! The Sisters, the Ministers, and the Priests have spared no expense to make sure that Aion does not win.
  • While brief, the battle between Satella and her sister Fiore is as epic and badass as one could expect. Despite everything, Satella ends up getting the crap kicked out of her because, unlike Fiore, she's only a mage, not a mage and a warrior. Satella ends up coughing up blood on the floor, her stomach ripped open by Fiore's blade, and is ready to give up...when she remembers Rosette's Heroic Willpower. Woozy with bloodloss, Satella forces herself up, hugs her sister, and decides if she can't get through to Fiore... She can at least achieve a Mutual Kill.
    • And as the Epilogue shows, Satella didn't die. She actually won her fight and was able to bring her sister peace. Sure, it took 75 years, but the sisters survived.
  • At chapter 50, we get what we've been waiting for the whole manga; Rosette Chrisopher vs. Joshua Christopher. We know Joshua is way above her weight class; he can take on larger demons barehanded, can create a localized Time Stop effect, and he's incredibly fast. So Rosette decides to use this to her advantage. She quickly deduces how his Time Stopping works when he freezes her left hand, and is able to distract him just long enough by calling him out for dreaming while she's been battling to see her brother again so she can lay her cross grenades strategically around the arena; specifically, on multiple water tanks. When he decides to stop time on the water, he quickly realizes that was exactly what she was planning for, as the water was so close to him that by the time he stopped time, it had already covered his legs, taking away his mobility advantage. From there, she uses her frozen hand to take a bullet while screaming in pain before kicking him and pulling his gun away, and putting her gun against his horns. Well played, Rosette.
  • At the very end, Rosette beats death itself. She still has things left to do on Earth, and she can't let her body be a vessel for Pandemonium. Aion has Chrno stuck, and is just about to destroy the device that keeps Rosette's contract with Chrno...only for Rosette to take up her gun, rise up, and absolutely demolish Aion.
  • Chrno kept his promise. It was just as Rosette truly died, but he finally returned to her in her final moments. Crosses with Tear Jerker and Heartwarming.
  • The first time Chrono loses it in the anime. Granted, he doesn't really do anything before it wears off, but the fact that orders were given to shoot him with Depleted Phlebotinum Shells if he broke his seal tells us he's far more dangerous and frightening than he appears. Starts with this Pre-Asskicking One-Liner:
    "What have you done, lowest of the low? You who are so beneath my contempt you have not even a name! You dare touch my contractor?! YOU DARE HURT WHAT'S MINE?!"