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  • Gama shows why the Ogame Ryuu dojo is still intact despite the many challengers by pwning the Hyuga Brothers with ease.
  • Gama's battle against the Tengen Ryuu. Highlights include opening the battle by slicing the eyes of the biggest member, rushing towards Baian and cut off his eye. And things gets better and better as he keep on fighting.
  • The whole duel between the archer Arata and Gama, a swordsman.
    • Gama, despite thinking he has the advantage due to the cover of the nearby trees, he's soon wounded in the leg and forced into Arata's sight, ready to be killed. Gama still manages to figure out a strategy to parry the arrows as he gets closer and closer (crouching so to offer a smaller target and keeping the sword aimed forward to intercept the arrow), to the point that Arata suffers a tremendous Villainous Breakdown.
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  • Shin and Zenmaru's Big Damn Heroes moment against the axe-wielding assassins.
  • Iori shows the power gap between himself and Gama. And does so by blocking his extremely fast, super powerful technique with a similar one of his own and knocking him out with a scabbard.
  • Gama shows the results of his training with Iori against Kotaro and Jaki, overpowering their chained weapons despite the disadvantage and piercing Jaki through his chainmail with Kosen.
  • Muraku Matsumoto. His Ryuu slaughtered one of the Five Dragons (one of the strongest Schools of Unabara). When he finally shows up, he does so by casually smashing the heads and eyes of three Kasanemanji Ninja members. He then proceeds to almost kill Gama, and would have done so had Saizou not dropped by. He's also the only person to make Saizou angry just by stopping his sword arm and calmly telling him that he figured out his trick and was going to kill him.
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  • Gama using the Narukami to bisect Saizou, showing off the technique in detail for the first time.
  • Zenmaru manage to kill a man who was overpowering him with his pure raw strength. Also, when he unleash the Sadanaga Kutaragi and One-Hit Kill all the opponents on the ground.
  • Shinnojo avenging his former school and girlfriend by totally owning Nikaido the "Mad Sword". Highlights include the finishing blow: He turns on the fly an apparently predictable downward slash in a stab that bisects in half Misaku's sane eye, pierce his head and then slice it off.]]
  • All the duels against the Myojin Ryuu. Namely:
    • Gama, a young Lightning Bruiser with a katana against Shingo Mido, a badass with a giant Blade on a Stick and Made of Iron to boot, who manage to become even more powerful when close to death. Gama manages to kill him by mixing the Shidensen and Kosen attacks, essentially ramming his drilling katana in Shingo's abdomen with so much strength that it shatters. Shingo still get to prove his badassery via a Dying Moment of Awesome.
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    • Sasuke against Zenmaru, a psycothic and insanely fast warrior with a scythe-like spear against the resident Butt-Monkey: After suffering some injuries, Zenmaru get serious and start swinging his Sadanaga at top speed, freaking Sasuke and chopping him up. When Sasuke tries his secret and most powerful technique, he just bitchslaps his spear away, and ends the duel by combining the Kagenui (a dodging technique) and the Gurensen (a powerful rotating slashing attack).
    • Iori versus Ichio. The former cements his badass status by destroying the latter, a veteran of the Myojin Ryuu with two punches.
  • Iori takes on three Muho Ryuu members, stated to be stronger than the Divine Spears Sasuke and Shingo, and even give them votes based on their strength. Namely, three, four and seven. Oh, and let's not talk about how he dominates Shinjiro (four) and Chuuji (Seven) while chained.
  • Gama and Zenmaru have to beat Rintarou's test, as in: they have to hit him at least once while tag-teaming, and the current record is held by Iori and Shin (78 days). After a whole month of training, they face Rintarou one-on-one... and Gama beats the record.
  • Iori storms Unabara citadel, crawling with Muhou Ryu soldiers, slaughters and curbstomps everyone in his way (including four Division Commanders, two of which in one blow) and gets to personally see Jinsuke and challenge him.
  • Gama showing the results of his training: that would mean, sending an adult man and Division Commander flying with a single swordless Tiger Drill.
  • The results of Zenmaru's training? he curb-stomps ten warriors in one go without using Sadanaga. Topped by Shinnojo's sudden appearance.
  • Kamedenbo shows his might by destroying most of the Anti Ogame Ryu raid squad alone and killing the Third Division Commander in one slash.
  • Gama actually manage to impress Ranmaru by snapping his sword with a new, special attack.
  • Jinsuke. Even if Gama, Shinnojo and Zenmaru have just become very powerful after one year training, he can still make them shit their pants just by raising a hand and showing off his Battle Aura.
  • Gama vs Ryuho Kibe. The latter being a huge, uber powerful warrior who, after ingesting a special drug has become even more powerful and can swing an eight and half feet long iron club with one hand.
  • The Maruyama brothers are introduced as dangerous, powerful assassins wielding murderous blades. Then Shinnojo comes by and slaughters them all in a jiff.
  • Chapter 110: When all seems lost for Shin, Iori and Gensai, Arata Nakaizumi comes out of nowhere with his pupils and turns the tables of the battle. Oh, and he also blast a man's arm away with his new giant arrow.
  • Kiyomori showing why he's nicknamed Lord of the Doom Fist.... by piercing a man's chest and removing his heart... barehanded!
  • Kashitarou, yes, that little pervert nerd genius who has next to no stamina... took on Kiyomori, a member of Jinsuke's Bodyguards and one of the Muhou Ryu's most powerful members and beat him using his nerve-hitting attack against him.
  • Iori vs Shinsuke. Fighting on par with a very poweful opponent with a large sword? Not bad. Stabbing your own leg in order to better block a swordstrike? Badass...
  • One for Tsuchiryu: the guy fought on par with Gensai Kizaki, aka the man who caused Unabara to be called "The Lair of the Demons", and gets away unscathed.
  • Gama Settling the score with Muraku by mixing the Narukami with the Kosen attack and slicing his intestines to ribbons.
  • Toudou tries to murder Jinsuke by using a secret spear attack hitting from below, and very fast. Jinsuke manages to slice his arm so fast he barely notices and then unleash a sextuple strike, turning Todou's torso into mincemeat.
  • Zenmaru fighting against Arimaru: Firstly, so far Zenmaru was noted to be too weak to fight the Advisors or the Personal Corps, which caused him to go in an angsty state. Nevertheless, he took on Arimaru, a giant brute of a woman(?) and a guy/gal who just gave Shin a hard time. Then, he finally realize how to use properly the Sadanaga, overpowers her and finish her off with the strongest technique of the Divine Flame Form, gaining the respect and awe of his companions, with Shin admitting that yes, now he has become a reliable swordsman. This coming from the "weakling" of the trio. Not bad...
  • Chapter 163: Zenmaru now can perform a double slash with the Sadanaga, slicing up four attackers at once.
  • Same chapter, Shinnojo's final duel with Banri: starts with Shin bitchslapping Banri's spear away as he wounds him, pointing out that after three fights (one of which happened a year before) now he knows all his moves, shocking Banri who previously declared himself as a worthy opponent to Shin. And when Banri pulls out the Kuyo's ultimate attack which manages to wound Shinnojo, he just grab the damn spear and finish Banri off with a Diagonal Cut.
  • The duel between Gensai Kizaki and his former pupil Shimon Kudo has plenty of moments for both sides, including Shimon throwing his longsword to blind Gensai (and grabbing said sword in order to slash him), Gensai wounding Shimon with the Manjinuki technique and Shimon answering by copying said attack after receiving it and killing Gensai, the Sword Demon. Gensai still gets a last one by dying on his feet before falling.
  • Chapter 177: After seeing what Choushimaru can do, Iori has enough of Kuryuu and snaps his nagamaki's massive blade in half using his swords like scissors and sending the opponent into a Villainous Breakdown.
  • Ranmaru protecting Naoyoshi from Tsukikage's soldiers... by systematically killing every-single-one-of-them in a row, and then he still has enough force to fight on par with Gama. Also points to Gama for his Kamui technique.
  • Kai reveals that Mario is a traitor and prepares to fight him, even though Mario is stronger than him, Kai is adamantine in his will to win. Why? Because of his loyalty to Jinsuke, and because he promised it to his brother. He also proceeds to overpower Mario and even make him sweat.
  • Zenmaru grows huge balls of sheer awesomeness when he save his brother's life from the attackers and proceed to challenge Mario, aka the strongest memeber of the Ogame School second only to Jinsuke, to save his brother. Way to go.
    • And later, He actually break Mario's sword and eye with one swing, and even when he's injured in one arm he still has enough power to finish him off using the Sadanaga with one hand.
  • Iori vs Jinsuke Kurogane. Starting with Iori seemingly advantaged, Jin quickly recovers and starts giving Iori a hard time, seriously wounding him. The finale of the battle: As Iori proceed to use a slash that turns into a thrust halfway through, Jin dodges that and attack with his shortsword, only to find out that Iori has dropped his katana and went for his shortblade too so that he can parry.... and then Jin drop his sword as he's attacking and actually knocks out Iori with a palm strike. Did I mention that he's doing this as he's about to drop dead because of his illness?

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