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Awesome / Origin: Spirits of the Past

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  • Agito after he has been enhanced. He is invulnerable to whatever the army can throw at him (save a special kind of transquilizer), and even rips a Spider Tank in half.
    • He becomes a walking CMOA after that, really, but in the fight with Shunak, he recovers from a hanging-from-a-ledge-by-a-hand-being-trodden-on situation in a couple seconds of pure, undiluted visual awesome (that namely involve blocking a sword with his teeth).
  • Hajan leaps from a building and punches volcano debris like he's freakin' Superman.
  • Toola's first action when he discovers the full extent of Shunak's plan is to steal his sword and use it to break E.S.T.O.C's activation system. She fails, and Shunak looks cool in the process, but it was a gutsy move and he clearly wasn't expecting it.

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