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Awesome / Ghost in the Shell: Arise

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  • When the 78th Ranger Unit takes control of the city's traffic system, the Major maintains control of her bike and pulls her sidearm as she figures she's going to be attacked. Indeed, when a large van pulls up next to her and the door opens, she nails her first would-be attacker in the head before he can even bring his gun up. Then when another shooter brings out a gatling gun against her, she jumps her motorbike through the van's open door and slams the guy against the other side. And while still in mid-jump through the middle of the moving van, she meets eyes with the driver, Batou, who pulls his own gun, and they still manage to trade shots with each other before her bike busts out of the other side of the van. Damn.
  • Ishikawa actually manages to beat Paz in a hand-to-hand bout. Quite impressive considering this is the first time in the entire Ghost in the Shell franchise he's been in a real fight.
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  • After Saito defects to Batou thanks to Batou paying him triple what Motoko was offering him, he shows up in a helicopter to cover Batou during the highway chase and gets her lined up in his sniper rifle's sights. He loses sight of her for a moment when the Logicoma moves behind Batou's van... and the moment she moves back in sight of him, she's pulled out a rocket launcher.
    Motoko: "If you love to gamble so much, BET ON THIS!"
  • The second fight between Motoko and Batou. He actually starts off by hacking her so she sees a fake image of him laying dead in the truck. Clearly he learned from their last encounter. And it takes Motoko, Paz, and VV all working together to subdue Batou.
    • Then after receiving the antivirus that shows him the truth of what happened in Qhardistan, Batou returns the favor by using the Logicoma's twin machine gun to destroy VV before she can kill Motoko.




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