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Awesome / The Cat Returns

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  • While the character is not one of Ghibli's best, Haru earns one when she rushes out into traffic to rescue Lune, armed with a lacrosse stick.
    • She gets another one later on in the Cat Kingdom when she tells the Cat King off.
    "I've had just about enough of you! Nobody decides who I am but me, and there's no way I'd ever marry you!"
  • Baron is awesome! Look at below quote from a YouTube reviewer to see just how cool he is.
    Quote: He exudes coolness with every step he takes. Case in Point: Need to sneak into a heavily guarded castle disguised as Zorro to save a friend? No problem? Need to take out a bunch of armed guards with nothing but a cane while looking delightfully suave while doing it? No Problem! Need to free-fall thousands of feet above the ground with no discernible way of landing safely? No Freaking Problem!


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