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Awesome / Marine Corps Yumi

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In a manga about the Marine Corps, you should expect awesome.

  • Yumi's ability to tell time...using her stomach.
  • Yumi's in Marksmanship Training. Her Senior DI finally lets her know that Marines don't play with dolphins. Yumi's response?
  • Yumi's fight against a larger recruit in her sister platoon has to be seen to be believed.
  • Throughout training, Donna acts like nothing more than a pessimistic, yaoi-obsessed brat. Come the crucible, she shows what she's best at.
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  • Near the end of the crucible, Donna sprains her ankle. Yumi's solution cements what everyone already knew about her.
  • All four main characters passing the crucible and becoming Marines. Through the entire Training Arc, they were humiliated, bitten to death by sand fleas, and nearly broke down. It was worth it.

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