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  • Ikki's first Robattle: at first, Metabee doesn't activate and the Rockers begin trashing him around the battlefield. It's only when Ikki insults Metabee that he wakes up. Cue Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • The tag team battle in "Welcome to Ninja World": Metabee and Brass begin to fight properly after Ikki and Arika overcome their differences.
    • The icing on the cake is the final attack. Metabee loses his left arm and is rendered temporarily blind and the Ninjas prepare to stab them from above with their sword. Metabee raises his still-functioning right arm and Brass help him aim. With a few well-placed shots, our heroes win the fight.
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  • The moment when Uchuu Medarotter X first appears at scene, or more notably, Arcbeetle, when Ikki is fighting against Sarami (in an already unfair fight of three medarot against one), just at the moment he also lost Metabee's medal.
  • The first time Metabee uses the Medaforce; when Robo-Emperor captures Rokusho and was about to destroy him, Metabee's Rare Medal activates the Medaforce. As Metabee fires a Massive Energy Beam, Robo-Emperor was toast.
    • The scene leading up to this is awesome in itself. Robo-Emperor has beaten Metabee into the ground and is about to finish off a helpless Rokusho with its own Wave Motion Gun. Cue Metabee's Heroic Second Wind.
    Metabee: Let him go... Let him go!... LET HIM GOAAAAAAAAAGHH!!!
  • During the final arc of the first season (going by Nelvana's count), Metabee manages to use the Medaforce three times in one day.
  • After Ikki and Metabee successfully managed to retrieve Mrs. Tenryou from the Rubber Robo gang, an effort involving two different two-on-one Robattles, using the Medaforce, and a cave-in, Space Medafighter X and Koji show up to rain on their parade by accusing them of not having the spirit to go all the way to the finals; Ikki and Metabee were still missing that Last Lousy Point keeping them from joining Team Japan. Ikki decides to go all in and challenge Space Medafighter X himself to a robattle.
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  • In Medabot Spirits, Brass gets a moment all to herself. In an early episode, Zumi, sole member of the Videographer Club, gets Fotoshoot, a camera-style Kilobot that he uses to go scandal-mining around town. Brass, even gets in a fight with Fotoshoot and nearly loses, since she doesn't really like to fight. However, when Zumi intends to humiliate Moira, a friend of hers and Erika's, Brass absolutely goes to town on Fotoshoot's analog ass.


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