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  • Really, any of his speeches/internal monologues are awesome (especially if you’re the type of person who’s just as hateful and cynical as he is, then you’ll be quick to resonate with him), but Hachiman's speech in Episode 5 resonates with many at 4chan or MyAnimeList for example. It may hit close to home, but it sums up how a lot of single guys (or girls) feel regarding their chances.
    Hachiman: "I hate nice girls. If they so much as say hello, it stays on my mind. If they return my texts, my heart races. The day one calls me, I know I'll look at my call history and grin. But I know that's just them being nice. People who are nice to me are also nice to everyone else. I almost end up forgetting that. If the truth is cruel, then lies must be kind. That's why kindness is a lie. I gave up on always expecting it, always mistaking it, and even hoping for it. Someone who's worked hard at being alone doesn't fall for the same trick twice. I'm a veteran at this. I'm the best there is when it comes to losing. That's why I'll always... hate nice girls."
    • The series as a whole can hit introverted people close to home.
  • In episode 11 of the first season, Hachiman gets fed up with Sagami, a lazy student who was making others do all the work and just goofing off with her friends, and gave an indirect verbal smackdown that called her out on her bullshit so brutally you could feel the shockwaves from where you're sitting. To put it simply: It got Yukino to laugh.
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  • Whenever Hachiman explains the real meaning behind certain interactions and conversations. Due to being very aware of his surroundings and reading between lines, he's capable of seeing things most young of their age would ignore. Examples are constantly used for comedy relief making it hard to understand, yet, Hachiman almost instantly figures everything out such as Haruno's facade and Ebina's request.
    Yukino: Speaking of which, what does Ebina think of Tobe?
    Yui: She thinks he's a nice guy... I guess?
    Hachiman: Game Over. When a girl calls someone a "nice person", it means by a 100 percent she couldn't care less about them.
  • Episode 7: Hachiman, in a way, takes the helm as the student council president and uses his own skills to give orders to the student council and the children through Iroha.
  • Hachiman gets a major one in Episode 8 of the second season, when he realizes what exactly he truly wanted, breaks down (and for the first time on screen, cries) and declares that he truly wants something genuine. For someone who actively defies Character Development, this scene cements that despite everything, he really has been changing for the better.
    • On a minor note, Hachiman actually followed Shizuka's advice and spent the entire night reviewing everything that happened so far and all the options he currently has. By the time he finally finds the answer he was looking for, it's already morning.
  • One for the entire service club during Season 2, Episode 10. Iroha and Hachiman attempt to point out that the meetings aren't actually getting anything done, but are shut down by Tamanawa. Then, Yukinoshita, the task-oriented one, calls out Kaihin Sogo and point out exactly what the meetings are, silencing Tamanawa and the Kaihin Sogo student council. Bonus points, however, go to Yuigahama, the people-oriented one, who salvages the situation by proposing a dual event done by both schools to avoid the need for actual collaboration. Finally, after a long time, we're able to see what the Service Club does best. We see Hachiman's ability to formulate plans, Yukino's leadership and Yui's ability to read the mood. Ultimately, these combined strengths of all three members make the event a success.
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  • In a meta example, the series has grown to the point where it is widely considered one of the top Light Novels, and regularly achieves the number one spot in LN awards. Hachiman has won the number one male character position, and Yukino and Yui have made it into the top female character list. Not too shabby for a series many people brush off as a standard romcom harem show.

Alternative Title(s): Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU


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