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Awesome / Nabari no Ou

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  • Yukimi's a pretty awesome guy, but you realize that he's just outright badass when he's fighting Kasa's Makoto and Itsuwari; his arm's severed clean off, but he still smashes Itsuwari right into the ground, and then proceeds to take his gun from his own discarded hand and shoot Itsuwari in the head, point blank, complete with an awesome One-Liner. Then, to seal it off with a Heartwarming Moment, he's ready to die and smile while dying, since he feels that Yoite at least got to really 'live'.
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  • Miharu has activated the Shinrabansho, and it's got him wrapped around her little finger while growing to an Evangleion grade giant made of light. Then his mother's soul, which was trapped within the godlike entity, emerges. She talks him down by saying he needs to forgive the people of the Nabari world who ruined his life, while no selling the Shinrabansho's attacks. Badass pacifist at it's finest.

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