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Awesome / Chūka Ichiban!

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  • All of the dishes that Mao and his friends/allies cooked that makes dishes too awesome with unrealistic side effects on how good the food is. Some of them are:
    • During the Super Chef preliminary test, Mao shows how flexible the noodle can be which shocks every contestant in the room, assuming the noodles break due to lack of water.
    • Now how he manages to put all the food inside a fish and pops out like a map of China?!
    • Laughing buns.
  • In the manga, Alkan manages to almost defeat Mao by only a dish, even though Mao has offered two dishes before to Shell as the judge of the duel. How? It turns out that Mao's fire control skills are not even as close as Alkan's, and Mao would've been utterly stomped by Alkan's dishes if it was not for the sudden downpour which prevents Alkan from finishing his second dish. What's even awesome is that Shell has tried everything to favor Mao in the duel, and he eventually favors Alkan's dish due to the latter's sheer cooking abilities. The battle really showcases that the higher-ranking members of the Underground Cooking Society are the real deal from all of Mao's opponents.

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