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Awesome / Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

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  • Gin, who was just an adolescent puppy, lifts up Moss, a 200 pound mastiff, and SLAMS him to the ground for Ben's supposed death.
  • Even if it didn't really do anything, Daisuke ramping off a snowbank to crash his snowmobile into Akakabuto was pretty awesome. How many people can claim they've throat-punched a bear with a snowmobile?
  • Gin throwing John on his back, momentarily defeating him, accompanied by a shocked face from Daisuke. Perhaps even more so in the manga where John is seriously pissed for being flipped by a puppy.
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  • Riki and John's fight in the manga (which is only mentioned in the anime). Riki defeats the cocky John in a single strike, to which John narrates how "I didn't even feel him touching me..!"
  • Kurojaki, after fighting off even Ben and Moss is challenged by Gin, having told Akame he wants to prove himself worthy of Ben's plans to make him the new leader. The result is him flawlessly defeating Kurojaki while images of his father fighting Akakabuto pans over him.
  • The final battle against Akakabuto nonstop.
    • Ben, while going blind, scoring first blood against Akakabuto.
    • Akatora's Heroic Sacrifice, taking out the giant bear's remaining eye before going down himself.
    • Gin learning the Battouga from his father is worth something too. In fact, it's the move that kills Akakabuto.

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