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Awesome / Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas

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  • Anything Cancer Manigoldo has ever done, up to and including god-killing. With a Badass Grandpa for added epic. El Cid ups the ante by dealing with the Dream Gods in spite of losing an arm right at the beginning of the fight.

  • Dohko managed to make it rain enough to put out a miniature Sun.

  • Gemini Aspros, returning after his apparent death and beating the ever-loving shit out of Mephistopheles Youma
    • Made even more so because this is retribution for messing with the destinies of, and destroying the bonds of brotherhood between, Aspros and Defteros. Youma's Villainous Breakdown just makes it all the more badass.

  • Gemini Defteros vs. Specter Aspros is just all kinds of awesome. The battle culminates in a clash of two Galaxian Explosions.

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