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Tear Jerker / Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas

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"If you keep fighting, how many more will get hurt? I didn't want Albafica to die...! I don't want more Saints to die like him..."
In a series that combines Kill 'Em All with Death Is Dramatic, it's quite easy to find these moments.
  • The whole damn time, considering the rate the characters get killed. But Sagittarius Sisyphus' and Taurus Aldebaran's deaths were especially weep-worthy, and at the rate the manga is going...
    • Especially since it's strongly implied that Sisyphus didn't do everything just because he's a Gold Saint.

  • Moments before Pisces Albafica's death, he finds beauty in the poison roses that he have always thought he hated.

  • Asmita's death scene, when he sees the world for the first time with his newfound sight and peacefully marvels at it. He finds beauty in simple things as the lights of a faraway town, thus finally convicing himself that life isn't bitter as he used to think. Even though people suffer, hunger and get hurt, they can still find comfort in each other, smile at the little things of life, and find a way to be reasonably happy no matter hard it may seem.

  • Poor Salo's violent death. Children really shouldn't die, especially that way. And it's right after he and Teneo were praying for their dead mentor to watch over them...

  • Yato's farewell speech to Tenma before he is turned into stone and Tenma's reaction to it qualify a lot.
    • The whole scene could count as one: upon entering the sea of clouds in the Lost Canvas, you're warned to leave behind your feelings from the past. Just after, you start to listen your dear ones (especially those who are already dead) calling you. If you turn around, you're cursed and turned to stone. Poor Yato couldn't resist, thinking he'd be able to see his family again, but prevented Tenma from suffering the same fate.
    Yato: Don't even think about it Tenma. Don't turn around. ...I had it coming. I thought I heard the voices of my family and made the mistake of turning around... and then I realized there was no one there. Yuzuriha and the others are now statues looking back...
    Tenma: Yato... it can't be true! I... I thought we were to keep on going, you idiot! I thought we were going to fight together and go back together like always, I was sure!
    Yato: Heh... I'm flattered you're crying over me. You're already so much stronger than me, Tenma. It was hard to watch as you got farther and farther away, and I thought I didn't care much about you in the beginning, but to be honest I was just envious... I wanted to keep moving ahead with you, my friend. But now you must leave us behind and go on, with Athena.

  • Owl Partita, who was a Reverse Mole the whole time. She came back as a specter, but still working under Athena, and fought Tenma, her own son, to the death in order to empower him.

  • Basilisk Sylphid, when he experience the warmth of human touch for the first time.

  • When Wyvern Rhadamanthys gave his life to save Pandora from Alone's attack, asking her to lead a normal life.

  • Cancer Manigoldo's Dead Person Conversation to Shion and Tenma.
    • Especially the second one. Simple and effective.

  • Though not as often as the main story, there are a few moments in the anecdotes that are really heart-breaking due to being Harsher in Hindsight.
    • Albafica can never fulfill his promise to see Pefko again after the Holy War.
    • Kardia never revisits America, despite Carbella still looking forward to their reunion.
    • Degel never gets the chance to read Fluorite's finished novel.
      • Though really there's no reason to assume Kardia never got to visit Carbella again or that Degel never got to read Fluorite's novel, since their respective anedoctes take place two years before the start of the Holy War.
    • Gioca wants to see Albafica and Manigoldo again in the future, but sadly it's a Foregone Conclusion that she never did. Not to mention making Manigoldo's last joke about wanting to date her if she's a beauty when she grew up all the more difficult to smile at.
    • Lacaille decides to follow El Cid to the Sanctuary. Given what happens to him and his companions when El Cid is fighting the Dream Gods...

  • The look on Aspros's face when Defteros disappears after his Fusion Dance. You can pinpoint the moment he realizes what he's lost.

  • Aspros' and Defteros' entire backstory. Watching these two brothers who love and care for each other end up as enemies because of Mephistopheles Yoma's influence is just heartbreaking.

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