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Ho Yay / Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas

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  • For the fangirls, this is just added fuel for their Dohko/Shion fanfics! It doesn't help that every single Expy got very, very pretty.
  • If Milo/Camus has always been a popular couple, Kardia/Degel here are just too happy to make their relationship even more obvious. First, Degel asks Kardia specially to accompany him to Siberia and even convinces him, even though he can easily ask someone else. Second, they are seen together a lot, and in Scorpio Gaiden, their closeness even reminds Sasha of Tenma and Alone. Third, Degel is the only one who can cool down Kardia's heart fever, pretty much making Kardia depend on him, and many other moments. Doesn't help that the way they talk sometimes sound a bit Belligerent Sexual Tension.
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  • Minos keeping praising Albafica's beauty or Veronica with Manigoldo. Dohko/Kagaho's fight also has some.
  • Radamanthys/Regulus on the front cover of Chapter 200 as well as during their fight.
  • Alone/Hades with Tenma, especially at the moment when he takes Tenma's head in his hands very close to him as if to give him a kiss. This goes Up to Eleven in the latest chapters (past 212).
  • Tenma with Yato. They are at first rivals, but after Tenma was rescued from the Underworld, they become friendlier. Tenma regards Yato as a great friend, while Yato despite bickering with him and calling him an idiot a lot, really genuinely cares about Tenma. The infamous Heroic Sacrifice Yato pulled for Tenma, the Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! scene in chapter 216 only helps. Also, sometimes Yato is just like a Tsundere for Tenma.
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  • The Gaiden series is a fuel of this. We have Albafica having Foe Yay with an enemy and being friendly with Manigoldo.
  • Female example: Phantasos, in female form, licking Yuzuriha's face.

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