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  • Chapter/Episode 7: Yato's fight against Bishamon.
    • Bishamon shows she means business, by using her whip to tangle Yato's legs and then summon twin guns to shoot him.
    • Later after find Yato, she makes an entrance by using her BFS to cut down a bunch of trees with no effort.
    • Yato was able to keep up with her despite being heavily blighted. He was even able to cut a bullet in half. Even Kazuma thought it was cool.
  • Chapter 15:
    • Yato was able to fight off Kugaha with a stick.
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    • When Kugaha summons a giant dog to fight Yato, Yato just demands the dog leaves. And to Kugaha's amazement, it did.
  • Chapter 16:
    • Yato keeping up the trend. When Aiha attacks with a curse weapon, when Yato didn't have Yukine around and was in pain from Yukine being depressed, he easily overpowers her.
  • Chapter 20: Yukinè becomes a Blessed Vessel, allowing Yato to fight more evenly with Bishamon.
  • Chapter 44:
    • Yukine manages to thrash Nora in a duel. Despite getting caught off guard, he manages to hold his own, turn the tide using the new spells he learnt and send a pissed off Nora packing.
  • Chapter 50:
    • Bishamon delivers a devastating case of Jerk Ass Has A Point by calling out Yato on how his refusal to be upfront regarding his "Father" has cause so much grief and then threatens to destroy him if he betrays the trust of the reincarnated Ebisu once again by associating with his murderer.
  • Chapter 51:
    • Hiyori remains defiant after Father's attempt at destroying her life and makes it clear that what he tried to pull in the previous chapter did not work.
  • Chapter 62: Hiyori attacks Yato's Father and actually manages to get the upper hand!
  • Bishmonten's new hafuri, Nana, sees her death. Instead of getting corrupted, she's happy she died fighting and can't wait to do it again.
    I died fighting... Good! I want to do that again!
  • Chapter 67: Yato and Yukiné manage to, more or less, defeat Takemikazuchi and Kiun.
  • It is explained that it takes at least thousands of believers over an extended period of time for a new god to come into existence. Now you have to remember that Yato has a father and that yes, he is human: What's more, other characters often note that Yato is an uncommonly powerful god for one with such a tiny following, able to stand his own against the likes of Bishamon. In short, the concentrated will and desire for vengeance of his father alone manifested a god, and that is at the very least awe-inspiring.

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