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  • Misaki magnificently averts Chickification early in the manga by breaking free of the handcuffs restraining her in a fit of rage and beating the tar out of those Masochists who caught her in the café earlier. And handling everything without Usui entering the fray!
  • Usui magnificently playing the violin despite his injured hand.
  • Misaki and Aoi being able to best every volleyball team.
  • Even though it was purely for fantasy and to make the cafe look great, Misaki as the "White Maid Ranger" is pretty cool, especially with the outfit and sword. Usui's description of why white fits Misaki the most is pretty cool.
    Takumi: "Walking along the path she [Misaki] chose without being affected by others. In this sense, white's her color."
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  • Doubles as Heartwarming: Usui jumped off of the school roof in order to get a picture of Misaki in a maid uniform in order to keep her secret.
  • Misaki giving Kuga a major "The Reason You Suck" Speech for being an insensitive jerk towards Sakura.
    • Immediately after that, Shizuko gives an awesome drill sergeant like scolding towards Misaki and Sakura after she had to endure a high stressed situation because of their mess (i.e. Sakura's Love at First Sight problem and Misaki's anger/impatient nature.)
  • Usui's Supreme Chef skills. He even makes cracking an egg look badass.
  • Usui easily beating a seasoned chess player (4th best in his school) so easily.


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