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  • Episode 77:
The moment when Godai begins to make good big time: when he refuses to take the letter of recommendation which psycho-stalker-schoolgirl Yagami Ibuki has extorted out of her father on his behalf. He's desperate for a job, despairing of ever getting one, knows he can never propose to Kyoko unless he has a steady job, and almost everybody else can't see why he'd turn down such a heaven-sent opportunity. But he doesn't take it. The reaction shots of Kyoko's face are wonderful. He didn't do it for her, but it's the best thing he could have done, and it's the real beginning of his final run to making her his wife at last.

  • Episode 88:
Mitaka too, after appearing in a highly unsympathetic light for some time, finally gets it right after the awful moment when his fiancee Asuna tells him that she recognises that the forced smile he wore in the photograph taken after coming second in a tennis tournament as a boy is the same smile he's wearing for her parents now. She makes a terrible joke to break the silence in her hurt and embarrassment and he makes, at last, the right decision, giving up Kyoko in his mind, taking Asuna's hand, and saying that they will make their own happiness now, and meaning every word.

  • Hell, everything from episode 90 on ...
Including episode 92, with Akemi being the one who winds finally pushing Godai and Kyoko together by making it look like she's in a relationship with him (or making it look like they slept together). Kyoko is being very unreasonable and won't even listen to Godai explain what really happened. He even goes as far as to gently slap her face when she becomes slightly hysterical. As Kyoko tries to leave, Akemi blocks her path and gives her a handkerchief to wipe her tears as she calls her pathetic for treating Godai so harshly for supposedly being unfaithful when she won't even let him hold her hand.


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