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Tear Jerker / Maison Ikkoku

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Maison Ikkoku starts off as a comedy, but it doesn't pull its punches when it resolves the various romantic plots. Spoiler Warning: these all happen at the end, starting with the ending of the second to last volume of the manga (in the Viz edition, English), and somewhere around episode 90 of the anime.

  • Through a combination of alcohol, miscommunication, and chivalry, Mitaka offers to marry Asuna even though he likes Kyoko better. Asuna sees a photo of young Mitaka smiling after he won second place at tennis, and asks him, "Is it my imagination, or is the smile in this photo ... the same smile you're wearing tonight?"
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  • Mitaka getting rejected by Kyoko once and for all can stand out. Though he brought a lot of the heartache on himself by forcing the situation on Kyoko—surprising her with an omiai meeting with his parents and then whisking her off to get her away from Godai—realizing Kyoko didn't return his feelings was soul-crushing for Mitaka.
  • When Kozue talks to Godai she explains the difficult situation she's in since Godai proposed to her. He didn't — it was a miscommunication. But Kyoko is within earshot, and she is emphatically unhappy. It is tough — after being chased by two nice guys for a couple years, they suddenly both propose to other women, dooming her to a life of solitude.
  • After Godai finally proposes, Kyoko has one request: "Promise me... that even if it's by one day... you'll outlive me."
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  • When Mitaka is in bed from his phobia, he asks Kyoko to come and visit. Kyoko is distracted as Mitaka proposed to her and she is worried he finally wants an answer. As she walks to his apartment, she doesn't notice that a dog followed her in. Godai followed her, hearing her conversation on the phone with Mitaka and he meets Asuna, who's dog followed Kyoko. When Kyoko and Mitaka meet, Mitaka sees the dog and freaks out. He jumps on top of her, causing a major not what it looks likes to Godai and Asuna looking for her dog. Godai is so broken by the view, thinking Kyoko has been in a major relationship with Mitaka for a while, he goes catatonic for a whole day. In which he thinks how much of a loser he is.


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