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Heartwarming / Maison Ikkoku

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You know what, let's just call the final dozen episodes a "Crowning Season of Heartwarming". Some of these also show up on the Tear Jerker page.

  • Godai finally finding Kyoko after searching for her all across Japan. note  The moment where she realized what he had done can be pinpointed as the exact moment where she truly solidified her choice between Godai and Mitaka. It also highlights the difference between Mitaka, who chose to solve the problem alone, and Godai, who chose to chase after Kyoko.
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  • Mitaka finally accepting Asuna and moving on with his life.
  • When Godai finally explains his feelings to Kyoko. This marks the turning point where not only do they both have the courage to be honest, but they both trust each other enough to listen.
    Kyoko: You should've thought of that before! Before you started with all those other women!
    Godai: Look, I'm not slick enough to even try making passes at women!
    Kyoko: Oh, sure...
    Godai: Don't you understand? It's you ... you are the only one I ever wanted!
    • Of course, it's slightly mitigated by the fact that he's saying this right in front of a love hotel...
  • The scene where Kozue and Godai break off their relationship — as friends, and Kozue asks him what the other woman is like. Before he can answer, she gets on the train, but we get to hear:
    Godai: The woman I love, Kozue... burns with jealousy, leaps to conclusions, cries, and turns to ice, but, when she laughs... the world is mine.
  • The scene with Godai and Kyoko, where he's carrying her drunken father home on his back - and Kyoko finally accepts his hand in marriage he finally proposes.
    Kyoko: Promise me... that even if it's by one day... you'll outlive me.
  • Godai and Kyoko making love at Ikkoku-kan.
  • When the tenants ask, "Spare us any more guessing." "Yeah... are you two together, or not?" Godai and Kyoko are so used to hiding their feelings that it never even occurred to them that the first thing Ichinose would say is, "What're you afraid of? Think we're gonna tease you or something?" and Yotsuya, of all people, says "Our heart-felt congratulations," and Akemi smiles at them and says "It took long enough." Kyoko just stands there with a blank look on her face and Godai has to pick himself up off the floor.
    • Of course, right after that, they ruined the moment by holding yet another all-nighter party which was the cause of the conflict between Kyoko and Godai that led to that moment in the first place.
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  • The final scene at Souichiro's grave where Godai finally accepts Souichiro as a part of his life, showing how much he's grown as a man and giving Kyoko the freedom to finally let go of her husband. Again, this also marks the difference between Godai and Mitaka, as Mitaka wanted to make Kyoko forget her late husband.
    Godai: ...You've been a part of her ever since the first day I met her, and I still fell in love with her. So...I'm taking you into my life too, as part of her.
    Kyoko: *thinking* Soichiro...this is what you wanted for me...isn't it?
  • The Grand Finale wedding.
  • The extended epilogue showing how everyone's moved on in the subsequent months, such as Godai and Kyoko coming back with the baby and hearing 'Kanashimi o Konnichiwa' one more time.
  • At Kyoko and Godai's wedding reception, while Godai is making a speech to everyone, he is about to refer to Kyoko as "Kyoko-san" but stops himself. He turns to his wife and says just "Kyoko," deciding to drop the honourific from her name.
    • Mitaka, after all the rivalry between them, congratulating Godai.

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