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Heartwarming / Maid-Sama!

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  • There are several very heartwarming moments in the series, but the love confession between Usui and Misaki at the end of Episode 26 of the anime adaptation was impossibly sweet.
  • Despite Misaki being a horrible chef, Usui proudly states that he'll eat anything she makes simply because she made it.
  • Just about anytime that Usui saves Misaki.
  • Doubles as Awesome: Usui jumped off of the school roof in order to get a picture of Misaki in a maid uniform in order to keep her secret.
  • The Yumeyama Brothers' admiration of Misaki is quite sweet.
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  • Usui giving Misaki a hug after he accidentally scared her.
  • Misaki and Shizuko going on a date with UxMishi just to make Sakura happy.
    • Following the horrible date, Misaki comforts Sakura with a hug.
  • Usui going on a "date" with Yukimura's little sister, Ruri.
    • Heck, anytime Ruri refers to Usui as "Prince Takumi" is just adorable.


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