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  • Shizuko sitting through the entire Yumemichi fan party staring out the window, with a Cross-Popping Veins firmly decorating the back of her head the moment things get increasingly stressful.
  • Shizuko finally falls in love . . . with some guy's glasses.
  • Chapter 68. Arashiyama is trying to make Suzuna beautiful, except that if you look at him from far away, he looks like a pervert.
    • His immediate response upon first meeting her did not help either.
    Arashiyama: I found you, RAW DIAMOND!!!
  • "Usui you sly fox!"
  • Misaki's attempts at cooking.
  • Misaki trying and failing at befitting the stereotypical cute sister role.
  • Just the reveal in the first half of Chapter 85 (the last chapter) of her job as a part-time maid to everyone at Seika High come off as this:
    • Misaki experiencing Color Failure upon seeing Sakura, Shizuko, and a very embarrassed Yukimura, wearing the Maid Latte uniform along with her workmates. The guys even comment that she became a statue.
    • The boys trying to slap (and punch) some sense into each other upon finally seeing the much-feared "Demon Pres" in her Maid Latte Uniform. She eventually got over her past worries and berates the rest of Seika High by delivering an I Regret Nothing speech, to which the students eventually agree upon.
    • While Misaki was giving her aforementioned speech:
    Everyone from Maid Latte: (thinking) So... This is the "Demon Pres" Misa-chan... (sweat drop)
    • Suzuna appearing before her sister wearing the Maid Latte Uniform and declaring that she will be taking over her sister's job. Alongside Hinata, who is also wearing the uniform.


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