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Some of these example may contain spoilers, so please read at your own risk.

Episode 1

  • Joujirou's final attempt to capture Yuu when first, he just stands still in the middle of road with Scary Shiny Glasses, then the smokes are coming, he gets ready, and launches with his Super Speed while the camera changes to his perspective. When he's able to capture Yuu, the sheer force launches both of them into the sky complete with contrail.
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  • Nao beats the crap out of Yuu with her invisibility power.

Episode 2

  • Joujirou uses his ability to buy him and Yuu the sandwiches... without waiting in line, complete with Bullet Time and slo-mo voice.
  • Joujirou catches an arrow which was released unintentionally towards Nao; he fails his first attempt with his right hand, and barely does it with his left hand on the second attempt. Again, with Bullet Time and slo-mo voice.

Episode 3

  • Misa demonstrates her pyrokinesis ability: she just directs her hand to something and the fire is suddenly blazing, and all she needs to stop the fire is a Badass Fingersnap.
  • The entire scripted act about how Misa deals with the shady TV producer who keeps blackmailing Yusa: she burns two of his bodyguard (who actually were knocked out and substituted by her friends wearing fireproof suits), points her finger at another bodyguard to make him stab himself (his body having been hijacked by Yuu), knocks another bodyguard with a sweep of her hand (actually tackled by Joujiou's Super Speed), and finally punches the producer from long range (actually done by an invisible Nao). While she does a Badass Boast towards him, still pretending to be Yusa, usually a sweet and nice girl.

Episode 4

  • Misa, in a physically weak Yusa's body, barely manages to run to home base and become a decisive winning player for the Hoshinoumi Academy baseball team.

Episode 5

  • The target kid plans to take Nao's camcorder away, so he use his ability to jump high into the air. The gang doesn't have a choice to take it back, so Yuu decides to take over his body, which is still floating in the sky. While in the air, he's able to control the target kid's ability to barely stop his falling so he and the camcorder don't crash directly to the ground.

Episode 7


Episode 8

  • Sala's singing voice comforts Nao's brother when in his berserk state, to the point he starts to remember and recognize Nao again.

Episode 9

  • Medoki uses her ability to make a guard sleep, complete with Glowing Eyes.
  • The entire sequence where Yuu goes to save his brother. He's using all of the abilities he has already acquired from other people he has taken over once, including "telepathy" (to send and receive messages to his brother Shun), "permeation" (walking through the walls and doors), and "pulverization" (using some kind of shockwave to break Shun's restraint).

Episode 10

  • Every time Shun uses his time leap ability to change the timeline.
  • Yuu is finally able to save Ayumi in the new timeline. To make it better, he (with the assistance of Nao) also manages to intimidate the girl who's going to hurt Ayumi with demonstrating his wide ability range.

Episode 11

  • Yuu uses his telekinesis ability to attack the two heads of terrorist with many of the large iron pipes nearby, a la Magneto. Unfortunately his action got interrupted by the terrorist ability user girl who stabs him in the shoulder, making him unleash his collapse ability. In the end, it's revealed that he survives, by Offscreen Moment of Awesome where he uses his telekinesis ability to avoid any of the rubble hitting himself.

Episode 13

  • Thanks to his ability plundering around the world, Yuu did many of awesome moments for this episode:
    • He uses telekinesis to open the car door, pyrokinesis to threatens the driver, and pulverization to weld shut the car doors to hold the driver inside.
    • He unintentionally freezes an apple by just grabbing it.
    • He lands out of nowhere with his flying ability, and after he got inside of a building, he shielded himself from a barrage of bullets with some kind of barrier ability and manages to defeat all of the guy who's shooting at him by expanding said barrier.
    • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: After he takes a lot of sleeping pills, hoping to be able to sleep even for just a moment, he unconsciously manages to defeat an entire coup d'etat forces in Saudi Arabia.
    • Again, he's shielding himself from a barrage of bullets while calmly sitting and thinking about his life. After the bullets hits his baggage and damages the translation notes Nao makes for him, he got berserk and defeated all of the enemies in an instant by throwing them into the ceiling with telekinesis.
    • He freezes the arm of an ability wielder with the "explosion" ability with a Ground Punch pose.
    • He stops a bullet right in front of his face and gently blows it into dust. Later, he turns the pistol of said bullet into gold.
    • Yuu stops a barrage of bullets Neo's style while protecting the ability wielders of Turkey research base. After that, one of the guard fires an RPG right into his face, but he doesn't even flinch.
  • The final ability wielder, with the Courage ability is pretty awesome too. Despite being otherwise a totally normal, unarmed little girl she steps in to defend a total stranger. What sells it is that, even though she starts noticeably shaking after losing her ability, she doesn't back down.

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