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Some of these example may contain spoilers, so please read at your own risk.

Episode 2

  • The entire conversation between Nao and her brother Kazuki can be considered heartwarming. It starts with Nao telling Kazuki that she got accepted at a certain school, and then the conversation flows to them talking about the band that Kazuki likes. It really shows how the two siblings love and care about each other.

Episode 3

  • Doubles as Tear Jerker, the scene where Misa (in Yusa's body) parts with her friends. The heartwarming part is when Misa says she already forgave them and tells her friends to keep moving on with their lives without having any guilt regarding the past.

Episode 4

  • While many of the ability users shown so far have been fairly selfish, it turns out that Arifumi didn't win games with his ability to win games to advance his own career as an athlete- he did it to help the catcher, his friend Takato, become famous.

Episode 5

  • Doubles as a Funny Moment, the scene where Nao and Yuu go shopping for their barbecue. When they're arguing about what food they should buy, the audience (and Yusa and Joujirou ) can already see that they would make a great couple by their contrasting personalities, seen by their different choices of barbecue ingredient.
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  • All of Misa's Big Sister Instinct actions towards Yusa, such as yielding the foods to her, and switching with her when she's about to go Drum Bathing, something which was unusual for Yusa.
  • Yuu and Nao sharing a moment together, on the side of a cliff, under a night full of stars talking about ZHIEND, the band that Nao's brother loved. When Yuu listens to one of their songs via Nao's mp3 player, he gets a feeling of serenity that reminds him of something he had felt before somewhere. Nao then enthusiastically tells Yuu that one day she aspires to film a ZHIEND's music video instead of filming some kid with an ability like she did to Yuu. This results in Yuu seeing Nao make a never-before-seen cheerful expression, and finds himself blushing in the process . Nao gives her mp3 player to Yuu in the end.

Episode 6

  • Ayumi finally meeting her idol, Yusa Nishimori. Later, Yuu, Ayumi, Nao and Yusa are eating the porridge with stewed mushroom together with Ayumi and Yusa sitting side by side with the same delighted expression while they're eating the porridge.
  • Another heartwarming Ship Tease moment for Yuu and Nao is when they are washing and drying the dishes together, simultaneously denying every one of Ayumi's teasing opinions.

Episode 7

  • Remember Yumi Shirayanagi, the girl who was targeted by Yuu as his girlfriend in episode 1? Despite the long range distance that finally became an obstacle to their relationship, she comes to Yuu's apartment because she's worried about him after Ayumi's death. The fact that both of them are never seen contacting each other again adds to the heartwarming point because she's indeed thinking about him immediately after she heard the news. She even offered to head outside with him so he will not become mentally ill due to grief. Unfortunately, Yuu already began to undergo Sanity Slippage.
  • The moment when Yuu is about to start doing drugs, Nao suddenly appears and kicks the joint out of his hand. Later, she reveals that she was always around him after the death of his sister, hiding from him with her ability.
  • Nao brings Yuu to Joujirou's family house to cook something for Yuu. She cooks an omelet rice with pizza sauce, which according to Yuu has the exact same taste as Ayumi's omelet rice. Nao reveals that she borrowed a recipe book made by Yuu's mother which was later inherited by Ayumi. On the omelet rice page, there are words that are marked with a big flowery circle symbol. Written in it: "secret sauce - have a good day, Yuu!". Double as a Tear Jerker, as Nao's omelet rice reminds Yuu of the last omelet rice Ayumi made for him, which becomes his motivation to come back to his normal life at the student council again.
    Yuu: Hey, Tomori...
    Nao: Yes?
    Yuu: What should I do from here on..?
    Nao: How about to return to the student council once again?
    Yuu: But you and I... we promised we would never have anything to do with each other again.
    Nao (with a puzzled tone): Huh? What are you talking about?
    Yuu: After I ate this... you said that's what would happen.
    Yuu (starts a little smile, ending music starts playing) Nothing less from you... fine, I'll go back to the student council.
    Nao: I'm glad. (Both of them tenderly smile at each other)

Episode 8

  • The summarized main plot of this episode: Yuu runs into the lead vocalist for ZHIEND, and in a complete shot in the dark, takes her to see Nao's brother. She sings in the middle of his madness, and as we hear from Nao later, he finally recognizes her again.
    Nao: Your decision was a wonderful one. So, I wanted to give you my thanks. Thank you very much.
    • The fact that upon meeting the lead vocalist for ZHIEND and finding out who she was, he almost immediately thinks of bringing her to Nao's brother, even if he has no basis for his actions.
    • Sala makes Yuu realize that he is a kinder person than he was before. When Sala comments that it's because he met good people, the only person Yuu thinks about when wondering if that's really the case is Nao.

Episode 9

  • Nao insists Yuu have to accompany her waiting in line for merchandise so she will not alone and get bored.
  • The ending part, where both Nao and Yuu finally able to reunite to the same person who means something for their past, For Nao, it's someone she only trust and guides her path after her brother turned into cripple. For Yuu, it's none other than his and Ayumi's Long-Lost Relative.

Episode 10

  • By stealing the Time Leap ability from his brother, Yuu goes back in time to save Ayumi and was successful in saving her.
    • Yuu's relief when he first gets back to the new timeline, wakes up, and sees a living Ayumi next to him. Aww...

Episode 11

  • The facts that three Otosaka sibling finally able to reunites with each other.
  • When Yuu hears that Kumagami is going to the student council room, he asks to come with him, for the sole purpose of seeing what Nao's doing right now. His request got rejected, though.
  • In a kind of meta sense, the same scientist who helped Yuu escape his cell in the previous timeline is now helping Shunsuke at his facility.

Episode 12

  • Joujirou asking Yuu to hurry so he can return to the Student Council. Normally, such a thing isn't so heartwarming, but when you remember how much of a Yusarin fan Joujirou is and that he's had so much time with her alone...
    Joujirou: "Please hurry back to the student council together with Tomori. The current student council where I'm alone with Yusarin is wonderful, but still."
  • Misa being able to see her parents again and later, the letter she leaves behind to Yusa.
    • Even better: Yuu suggests that Yusa go and visit her parents, so she arranges to visit their restaurant on her show. When Misa takes over, their parents tear up a bit.
  • Yuu's confession, complete with the decision Yuu makes to save ability wielders and The Promise.

Episode 13

  • Yuu saving various ability users from attacks when hostile people attempt to attack him.
  • The girl protecting Yuu from a man's crossbow attacks. Even after he strips her powers and the attacker continues his assault, she still attempts to do Go Through Me for him.
  • The fact that even while his sanity is being chipped away and steadily losing memory because of looting abilities around the world, Yuu holds on to the notepad Nao gave him before he left. At one point, in a fit of rage, he kicks away the notepad that's worn and dusty because of the constant traveling, only to immediately rush towards after it, crying tears of guilt over the act. At this point, he no longer remembers Nao, but hasn't forgotten his feelings for her as shown as it's the one thing he can't bear to part with.
  • His reunion with Nao and the others at the end. The ending scene with them gives off positive vibes that good times are indeed ahead.
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