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Nightmare Fuel / Charlotte

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Some of these example may contain spoilers, so please read at your own risk.

Episode 2

  • The fate of Nao's brother (and possibly many other ability wielders captured by scientists). Whatever kind of experimentation he experienced made him snap.

Episode 6

  • The death of Ayumi. She gets crushed underneath the rubble of her school by unintentionally activating the ability she never knew she had. And not only her, consider the fate of any other student and/or faculty who may have been inside that part of the school building during the collapse.
Episode 9
  • A bit of Fridge Horror: How the scientists managed to trigger Ayumi's collapse ability to the point of almost completely destroying the entire research facility, considering (by episode 6) that she has to be extremely terrified to involuntarily activate the ability, and also the fact that her fate remains unknown after triggering said ability.
    • Considering one of the scientists claimed that Ayumi was going to be dissected once they were done with her, it's horrifying enough without thinking of anything else that might have happened to her.

Episode 11

  • The fate of Kumagami. In a brutal interrogation by hunters of ability wielders, he gets his teeth punched out by a man with a body-builder's physique, all of his nails forcefully removed, and was injected with a truth serum with clearly painful side effects. Not long afterwards, he manages to stay conscious after getting buried under a collapsed building in his own pool of blood with metal pipes sticking out of his back, and lives just long enough to say his parting words to Shun.
    • There's a lovely shot shortly after Kumagami wakes up from his interrogation that reveals what happened to him. One of the first things he (and therefore the audience) sees are his bloody fingers and toes.
  • The fate of Nao as well. after being captured by the hunters, she's hanging unconscious besides Kumagami, beaten down with many bruises on her body, and stripped down her underwear.
  • Hell, even Yuu doesn't escape from the torture of this episode. His left eye got slashed by one of fellow ability-wielders who works for the hunters/terrorists, and while he takes care of said hunter/terrorist, he got stabbed on the shoulder, again by that kid.
  • Some Fridge Horror. The head researcher commenting on the fact that this isn't the first time ability-users have appeared. He relates a story of the witch hunts and burnings going on in the early Modern Period in Europe around the 1600's. Yuu also finds out that there are ability users being persecuted worldwide. And even with Shunsuke's ability, he was only able to protect the ones in Japan, so one has to wonder what's happening to the others throughout the rest of the world.
    • Additional Fridge Horror. The comet being responsible for the witch hunts is already scary enough, but consider that it's supposed to come by every 75 years or so. We only hear about or directly see two examples, but there has to be a couple other times between then that it happened. What happened to all the other ability wielders in those times?

Episode 13

  • Yuu, despite having the ability to continue operating without sleep, realizes he's running himself ragged and takes some sleeping pills. When he wakes up, he sees a news report covering what he did while he was asleep, and sees a lot of potential ability users crossed off the list. It's scary enough to think about your body moving on its own while you're asleep, much less what you would do if you had hundreds or thousands of special powers.

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