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Ayumi is alive
The scientists found out about her power, paid of the hospital to fake her death, and kidnapped her. The gang will find out that Yandere was the one who told the authorities about her powers, and hopefully also find out about what she did and give her what's coming.
  • Yuu finds Ayumi, takes over Yandere's body and jumps out of a window.
  • Jossed by Episode 10. Ayumi was actually dead. Yuu however, was able to go back in time with Shunsuke's help and save her from triggering the Collapse power that killed her.

Nao's ability enables her to detect people

Yusa's ability will enable her to channel or communicate with Ayumi
This will allow Ayumi (in Yusa's body) to talk with Yuu for the last time, helping him move on with his guilt.
  • Jossed. Yusa can only channel her sister, and doesn't seem able to channel anybody else, including Ayumi.

The missing Otosaka sibling will eventually make an appearance
Leading to another Wham Episode, and shedding some light in the true motives of the scientists.
  • As of Episode 9, it's confirmed!!!

The missing Otosaka sibling has the ability to manipulate memories
This could explain why Yuu and Ayumi barely remember anything from him, aside from their dreams.
  • Jossed. It turns out that he has the ability 'time-leap'. It's one of his cohorts (Maedomori) that has the memory manipulation ability, and is responsible, on Shunsuke's orders, for altering Yuu and Ayumi's memories.

The plot twist will include an astronomy and/or astrological theme explanation, especially about comet
Given by the bunch of astronomy references, especially regarding about shooting stars/comet within the series. The Charlotte title logogram itself includes a symbol resembling a shooting star/comet in it, just like its predecessor, Angel Beats! which includes a beat on its logogram.
  • Confirmed in episode 11. "Charlotte" is the name of a long-orbit comet which approaches Earth in 75-year cycles. When it does, unknown particle are showered into Earth, and who inhaled its particle will somewhat generate special ability. One of the closest encounter is said roughly around 400 years ago, where many people in Europe who inhaled the particle and generates special ability were hunted down as witches.

Some characters are actually reincarnations of Angel Beats! characters.
For example, Takamatsu bears a striking resemblance to Joujirou, while Sala/Sara has many elements that make her similar to Iwasawa, not in the very least due to her red hair and love for music. This may also be why Takamatsu/Joujirou and Sala/Iwasawa share voice actors, a trait also seen between Hinata from AB, who was on the baseball team, and Arifumi, the pitcher in episode 4. And of course, Fishing Saitou(Angel Beats) turns into Skyhigh Saitou(in episode 5); now, whether this has any connection to Masked Saitou from Little Busters!(as all 3 share the same VA) is anyone's guess...
  • Also, am I the only one who noticed a similarity between Kazuki and T.K.? Just imagine Kazuki with a bandana. They both love (English) music and Kazuki's full name is Tomori Kazuki, making his initials T.K.

Misa will go to purgatory.
Considering that Misa died young and spent most of her life as a delinquent, it's very likely that she met the requirements to go to purgatory in the Angel Beats! universe.

Sala/Sara Shane had powers once
Sara mentions trading her eyes to God for music - it may be her way of alluding to the supernatural, specifically a way for miracles to happen by equivalent exchange, which Otosaka will use to revive Ayumi.
  • Supported by Episode 9, where it's heavily implied that Shunsuke is now blind in both eyes as well.

Possession isn't really Yuu's ability
In the previous timeline, Yuu mentions using it to conceal his true ability, Plunder. This raises the possibility that Possession itself is an ability that he got through Plunder, and that Shun thought it was a good idea to conceal his power in the new timeline, which is why he had him Plunder the Possession ability again, before erasing his memories so even he wasn't aware of his true ability.
  • Sorta confirmed in episode 10. Yuu has to stay in the body of the person having his ability stolen for 5 seconds when stealing it, and since he didn't know that there were people other than him who had abilities, he never found out about Plunder, just believing that he could only possess people.
  • But he needs to be able to possess people in order to take their abilities in the first place. It was just sheer luck that Yuu had never used Plunder on any ability-wielders (and thus never found out about it) before the series started.

Yuu will take Shunsuke's ability at the story's climax
Near the end of the series, Shunsuke will be incapacitated or killed, thus he lets Yuu take his ability and Yuu will be the one time-traveling to Set Right What Once Went Wrong.
  • In Episode 10, while Shunsuke wasn't killed, his powers had long been incapacitated by his growing blindness. Yuu did take Shunsuke's ability to save Ayumi.

Yuu will be able to time leap from another person's body
In Episode 5, Yuu was able to activate the flight power to slow down his fall outside his body, so he maybe can time leap using another person's eyes. It's possible, however, that it causes the host to time leap, not Yuu.

Yuu smacking his head against the kitchen counter when out to sleep may have corrupted his memories, preventing them from being properly/completely erased.

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