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How did everyone on Lykos' ship die?
So far, we haven't been given any explanation for just what killed everyone on Lykos' ship. Considering Lykos was holding a bloodstained sword, though, it looks like they may have either succumbed to infighting, or were attacked and completely decimated by an unknown, outside force. If so, who exactly managed to kill them, then?
  • It is now confirmed that they were attacked by another country.

There's more than one Falaina.
It seems strange to me that an empire would train soldiers for the extermination of one measly little ship that they apparently haven't found for the past 93 years. It'd make much more sense if there were multiple Mud Whales out there, and Chakuro's ship is only one of them.
  • Actually, it is now confirmed that there is only one Falaina. The Empire was content to leave them alone for so long because they were no danger to them. But now that some of their enemy countries are able to traverse the sea of sand(who the vast majority of soldiers were probably trained to fight), they don't want the Falaina falling into enemy hands.

The Legend of the Kathartirio Rain is made up.
Perhaps out of shame of some horrible event that happened on their end, the descendants of those who would go on to found the Empire fabricated the story to discourage people from indulging in emotions. The Nous are Physical Gods in their own way, but they aren't related to the gods that "destroyed the world", nor did they have anything to do with what happened back then.

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