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Christina Kelly will voice Stella Vermillion in the English dub.

Kelly is a well-established actress who has been involved in several English dubs produced by Sentai Filmworks, most notably her Star-Making Role as Mine in Akame ga Kill!. Given that she loves voicing pink-haired and feisty characters as Mine, Kelly said on account said that she would play Stella Vermillion if the series was to be dubbed.


What will be done about Stella and Ikki's relationship.

Now that Ikki and Stella are engaged, Riku Misora will figure out a way to add their planned marriage at the end of the series. Maybe they could hold it at Vermillion or in Japan.

Itsuki knows about Desperados and his true goal is to prevent other from achieving this state.
His reasons for obstructing Ikki and other low-ranking knights is to prevent them from trying and failing to surpass their limits, which will somehow destabilize the country. However, the series provides no examples of this instability, making it hard to buy his reasoning. With the reveal that Blazers can become Desperados regardless of rank, it's possible that his cruel actions are for the sake of preventing potential Desperados from sparking the powder keg between the League and the Union.

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