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Heartwarming / Chivalry of a Failed Knight

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  • Ryoma telling Ikki to not give up in his backstory.
  • After being defeated by Ikki in their mock duel, Stella realizes what Ikki truly is.
  • Stella giving an Anguished Declaration of Love to stop Kirihara and the audience chanting Ikki's nickname during the duel towards the end of the volume. And at the end of the volume, she gives him a kiss.
  • In volume 2, Ikki and Stella tell each other how they feel while they are at the pool, eventually leading to them kissing each other yet again.
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  • In Volume 3, Ikki nearly falls into a Heroic BSoD due to being rejected by his father and being poisoned by the Ethics Committee. Fortunately, Shizuku helps him up and many of the students of Hagun cheer him on, proving that he isn't alone.
  • In Volume 4, Ikki invokes Big Brother Instinct to hold off Edelweiss while Shizuku rescues Alice.
  • In Volume 5, Koume is reluctant to cheer for her brother because he's going through so much for her sake, but Shizuku assures her that it's okay for younger sisters to rely on their older brothers, causing her to cheer for Yudai after all.
  • Volume 9 has Ikki and Stella facing off in their long-awaited battle. As neither plan on holding back, they acknowledge that one of them could very well lose their life during this match. Stella tells Ikki that if she's the one who ends up killing him, she vows to never love another man as long as she lived.
    • Ikki's response? He couldn't afford to lose now, as there was no way he'd allow Stella to become a widow.
  • Another particularly sweet moment happens in Volume 9, after Ikki wins the Seven Star Sword Art Festival, and Stella comes in second. All the participants are gathered for photos, with the winners standing on raised platforms in order of what place they came in. Stella is feeling a little self-conscious about her loss when Kagamin snaps her out of it by telling her that as Ikki's girlfriend, she should stand beside him. Stella happily jumps up to Ikki's platform and the two hold each other as they smile for the camera. At that moment, simply being together was all that mattered to them, and everyone agreed that the couple completed each other and should never be separated.

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