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Heartwarming / Chobits

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  • Hideki's reaction when Kojima said nonchalant things about how he envied Hideki for having such a high-performance persocom but didn't use her to full potential. "WILL YOU STOP TALKING ABOUT HER LIKE SHE'S A MACHINE!! PERSOCOM THIS, PERSOCOM THAT. CHI HAS A NAME!! DON'T LUMP HER WITH THE REST AT YOUR LEISURE!!!"
    • And then his realization at what he just said, and the fact that he comes to realize he meant it just as he said it.
  • Yumi's realization that Ueda loves her for who she is.
  • Minoru has one when he realizes despite his initial goal when creating Yuzuki, that he really cares for her. Not because she's his sister's replacement, but because of what she is.
    • And then tells her. Aww.
    • Also, Yuzuki embracing a separate identity.
  • "It's not that I love her because I want to make love with her, but I want to make love to her because I love her."
  • Every time Hideki cries out Chi's name when she is in danger. Combined with the fact that the epic Dark Chi Theme is usually playing in the background you can truly feel how desperately he fears losing her. And the fact that in those tense moments with shady characters lurking, this generally spineless coward fears nothing else.
  • Chi learned from Mr Ueda that it's not appropriate to hug just anybody, that it should be saved for someone you care about. Later that day, in a personal moment, Chi asks Hideki if it's ok to hug him. Hideki is puzzled since she never asked him this before, but says ok. Chi then hugs him tightly as the episode ends.
  • Chi's "Most precious thing" speech to Hideki when he gets her from Dragonfly's lair.
  • Chi actually shedding actual tears as she reboots herself despite the data wipe and runs into Hideki's arms happy to be with The One Just for Her.
  • For a smaller scale example, one episode of the anime revolves around Hideki going through a Humiliation Conga that ends with him flat broke because he lost his wallet with no savings to speak of because he took them all out to support himself because he decided to take a few weeks off of work to study for a big exam. After Hideki refused to take her money despite her pleas, Chii decides to spend her money on something she really wants by cooking Hideki a lovely dinner to raise his spirits. When Hideki comes home to find a hot meal waiting for him, he's absolutely floored.
  • Related to the above example, the fact that Hideki really does try and teach Chii to be independent; he realises that she isn't really happy just sitting around waiting for him to come home every day, and that he can't really afford to buy her the things she likes/wants, so he encourages her to get a job of her own. Even though he's really poor and could use the second income, he outright refuses to take her money when she offers to give it to him - to him, it's her money that she earned and she deserves to get things she wants with it. This feels like quite the low bar for an ordinary relationship, but considering how dependant she is on him and how people don't treat persocoms as "real people", it goes a long way to show how he always considered her to be an equal to him who's worthy of respect.
  • The episode Chi Goes To The Beach is a big heartwarming Beach Episode. Even with all of the issues that the main gang have to struggle with during their everyday lives, they were able to have a weekend away to play, hang out and have fun. Even the stoic and otherwise distant Minoru gets dragged into the fun with Shimbo in particular dragging him away from his books like a big brother getting the younger one out of the house for a change.