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Characters from Chivalry of a Failed Knight are sorted according to their allegiance within the light novels, manga, and anime.

Any spoiler regarding volumes 1-3 will be unmarked. Proceed with caution.

    Blazers in general 
  • A God Am I: Some Blazers tend to develop this mindset, especially those who lucked out in the Superpower Lottery with an immense magic capacity, in addition to having a Semantic Superpower or Story-Breaker Power.
  • Born Winner: ZigZagged with Born Unlucky. By the standards of regular humans, even the weakest Blazer, who's born with F-Rank Level magic capacity like Ikki, would be considered superhuman. But among other Blazers born with D, C, B, and A-Rank Level magic capacity and luck, whose abilities range from concept manipulation to causality manipulation, and combine with the cosmic nature of fate that affects every living Blazer, then lower-ranking Blazers would be considered "lucky" to even be born as one.
  • Differently Powered Individual: While the majority of people with magical abilities are called "Blazers", other countries like China and the U.S. have different terminologies for them, being "Warriors" and "Psychics" respectively.
  • Mage Species: Downplayed. While there're notable families that would often produce Blazers, such as the Kurogane Clan, Randomly Gifted is still at play where even a normal, non-Blazer couple can produce an A-ranked Blazer like Amane Shinomiya.
  • Magical Society: The League of Mage-Knight Nations and The Union forms a societal structure for Blazers, while Rebellion functions more as a terrorist organization.
  • Million to One Chance: The probability for someone to be born as a Blazer is one out of a thousand.
  • Random Power Ranking: Blazers are given letter ranks for multiple attributes along with an overall rank. However, due to the uniqueness and applications of everyone's Noble Arts, these rankings don't automatically decide the outcome of a fight, and indeed, often mislead characters to believe they are better matched to another person in combatnote .
  • Randomly Gifted: Anyone can be born as a Blazer, regardless of who they come from.

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