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  • In Episode 2: Albert is captured by Luigi's gang and about to be killed or branded, when the Count shows up in a Big Damn Heroes or Villainous rescue, and sends his two bodyguards to defeat the whole gang while he gives Luigi a scoop of Eye Scream.
  • The sheer depths that Franz goes through to help Albert, going from just an "Off" feeling about the Count of Monte Cristo to effectively giving the titular Count his weak point through a duel, at the cost of Franz' life.
    • The fact that Franz duels the Count instead of Albert can not be understated. The Count's plan was to kill Albert to effectively remove any chance of his emotions coming back. Franz's sacrifice is what gives Albert the chance to redeem the Count in the penultimate episode.
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  • When Eugenie is about to be forced to sign a marriage contract with Andrea, Albert and his friends enact a plan that effectively derails the sham wedding, culminating in Andrea and Julian looking like total buffoons in front of all present in the room (which is filled to the brim with eager reporters and fellow nobles) while Eugenie and Albert escape scot-free in Renaud's car.
  • Haidee utterly demolishes Fernand's presidential campaign with her testimony, revealing that Fernand changed his last name and that he killed her father. When Fernand tries to have her removed for "slander" she responds quite succinctly "Shut your mouth Fernand Mondego!" And when Mercedes asks for proof, Haidee shows the brand on her neck that she was given as a slave. While Haidee later ends up regretting ruining the Albert and Mercedes' lives, Haidee's charisma as the former princess of Janina is on full display here.
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  • During the trial of Villefort, Andrea not only manages to get Villefort to admit that the two are related, but also gets Villefort to hug him, to which Andrea injects Villefort with a poisoned needle. And even then, while Andrea is being apprehended by the guards, he shakes them off to give one hell of speech to all the nobles and calls them out on being two-faced pieces of trash.
  • As Albert and Mercedes lay bleeding out on the floor after a craven Fernand shoots them both, a communicator device slips out from Albert. What happens next is Bertuccio and Baptistan rammming their ship into Fernand's engine, downing Fernand's massive ship in a single ram, and saving Albert and his mother.
  • Throughout the story, Albert has constantly been looking up to the Count and defending him from his friends. In addition to that, Albert also holds his father in such high regard that even when Fernand has been slandered to hell and back, Albert still believes him. So it's all the more awesome when Albert calls the both of them out after a tense hostage situation, in which both he and Haidee could have died in a case of sins of our fathers moment.
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  • Albert managing to jump into Bertuccio's ship as the Count's mansion crumbles around them. This is also taking into account the fact Albert is carrying Haidee and he has a bullet wound in his abdomen.


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