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  • The first time we get to see LLENN fighting during the Squad Jam event. She's able to get the drop on a pro team by using her small size to hide in an old suitcase, then uses her incredible speed to outmaneuver the squad before picking them off one by one. She even uses one of the enemy player corpses as a human shield against gunfire, before finishing off the remaining members. The last guy standing can only ask in awe if she's even human before being killed by her.
    • This scene was so awesome that they opted to show it three times, first during the end of the Flash Forward of Episode 1, a second time as the Cold Open for Episode 4, and a third time in Episode 5.5.
  • During a monster hunt in the desert, LLENN discovering her all pink attire offered perfect camouflage. The enemy squad is unable to see her at all, allowing for her to get up close and kill all of them before they can even get a visual on her. She proceeds to do this many times, earning her the moniker the "Pink Devil" among other players.
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  • M assessing LLENN's abilities is both awesome and funny, where we get to see how far LLENN has come since the tutorial. She can now flawlessly hit targets from a distance using P-Chan, as well as showing the first signs of her Super Speed that we saw in Episode 1.
  • We finally get to see M in action in Episode 4. After being ambushed by an opposing team with hovercrafts, M takes out a bulletproof shield Made of Indestructium that keeps him safe from enemy fire. While the other players target LLENN, M is able to snipe every single one of them out. He does so by aiming with his sniper rifle without touching the trigger, hence preventing the Bullet Prediction Line from appearing. However touching the trigger is required for the Bullet Circle to appear, but LLENN realizes that M doesn't need it as he's just that good. When it's down to one hovercraft left, he takes it out using a special grenade that hones in on the boat and blows it sky high.
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  • After LLENN gets hit by a sniper, M hoists the girl in his arm and flees the scene, shrugging off a hit to the leg himself, then gets them into a hovercraft where they ride off to safety.
  • Just when M is about to betray LLENN, holding her at gunpoint. LLENN dodges the bullet point blank, only resulting in her hat getting shot off. She then gets close enough to M and manages to put the safety clip onto his pistol without him noticing. LLENN grins as M tries to shoot her and the gun doesn't fire. Now LLENN is the one to hold M at gunpoint while thanking him for teaching her how to put the safety clip back on earlier.
  • Episode 5 is full of these:
    • LLENN's first showdown with Tanya, a Team SHINC member. Being sniped by her, LLENN shrugs off the first shot and uses her speed to evade any further hits, with the two of them constantly exchanging fire, while LLENN darts and weaves behind rocks to make it harder. LLENN then shoots Tanya's assault rifle out of her hand, and just as Tanya radios for backup, LLENN leaps from above Tanya with the prediction line beaming over her like a cross section, before the line gets replaced with a series of digital bullet holes as LLENN took fire.
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    • LLENN is taking cover behind a boulder, which is sustaining heavy fire from Team SHINC and won't last for much longer. LLENN remembers she has a plasma grenade, and throws it to the other side of the boulder. Once the grenade explodes, she uses the blast as a cover to flee from her assailants.
    • LLENN's entire battle against Eva:
      • Eva has LLENN pinned down on the ground (her feet planted on both her arms) and fires at her heart pointblank, but after several shots LLENN is still alive. Eva wonders if LLENN is immortal, only for the "Immortal Object" system message to popup, revealing that Eva had been shooting the Satellite Scan Terminal in LLENN's chest pocket. Eva then switches to shooting LLENN's head, but LLENN continues moving her head out of the way, until Eva realizes she's run out of bullets.
      • To escape Eva's clutches, LLENN pulls out her spare magazines and throws them at Eva's head, the impact distracting Eva enough to allow LLENN to wiggle out of the large woman's grasp. She then fires back at Eva, only for Eva to grab onto P-chan and push the fire away from her, with the two of them struggling. Eva taunts LLENN that she's out of ammo, but LLENN retorts back that she is as well.
      • Eva herself has one, when her teammate throws a magazine at her and it slips into her gun. For such a feat, the aiming skills of both parties need to be extraordinarily high, to both throw the magazine such a distance and to catch it in the gun. Even LLENN is incredulous.
      • Just as Eva resumes shooting, LLENN hears P-chan's voice declaring she would protect LLENN and shields LLENN from the gunfire. Once the smoke clears, P-chan disintegrates from taking the damage. LLENN goes into a Heroic Second Wind, furious at P-chan being destroyed, with her eyes glowing pink (much like how Kirito's turn gold) and a Chunky Updraft blowing around her, as she takes out the knife M gave her and starts slashing at Eva. At the climax of the battle, Eva slams LLENN with the gun at her knife hand. Eva grins in triumph, before the knife falls through the air and she realizes LLENN had let go of the knife. LLENN catches the knife with her other hand, then leaps upwards and lands a killing slash right on Eva's neck.
      LLENN: How dare you? HOW DARE YOU SHOOT P-CHAN!?
    • M gets one too. When Eva and LLENN are locked in a close quarters battle, Eva tells her teammate to shoot the both of them. But just as she's about to fire, M gets over his fear of dying and pulls a Big Damn Heroes, sniping out LLENN's would be killers, hitting the grenade at her belt and killing her.
  • Episode 5.5 has the OP modded to have SFX coming from actual small arms mixed in the production.
  • In Episode 6:
    • The nod to Yuuki is pretty nostalgic, where it's revealed Fuka fought against Zekken in ALO.
    • Miyu jumps at the call when LLENN asks for her help in the life or death situation.
  • In Episode 7, LLENN has now changed her mindset, as the game has stopped being a game and is now about saving Pito's life. She drops her giddy persona and is a serious soldier now, giving debriefings and formulating plans for Fuka just as M did for her.
  • Episode 8:
    • LLENN shows the first team they come across why she's the Squad Jam champion. Leaping out of the second floor of a house, while throwing a sheet in front to obscure vision. She then proceeds to slaughter the team with her Super Speed much like she does in the first Squad Jam, once again using one of the players she killed as a Bulletproof Human Shield. Only this time she integrates her knife skills, by slashing a guy in the crotch as she slips under his legs. Fuka even gets in the last kill by blowing open a guy's head with her grenade launcher.
    • Fuka gets a chance to shine, using a co-op effort with LLENN in firing off her grenades. LLENN gets in close and reports the enemy position along with where the grenade hit, and Fuka uses this to adjust her trajectory, perfectly landing her grenades on the enemies. She takes out the whole squadron using 12 grenades without even looking. Fuka has introduced artillery to GGO.
  • Episode 9:
    • Pitohui singlehandedly slaughters over twenty players on her own in an ambush attack, bashing heads in with her brute force, stealing enemy assault rifles and gunning their teammates down, and decapitating players with head shots. She's so brutal that it overlaps with Nightmare Fuel. After she prolongs the lives of the last two survivors, she finishes them off by walking away then throwing a grenade behind her, where she, M, and two of their hired muscle do an Unflinching Walk from the explosion.
    • LLENN and Fuka are revealed to have devised a strategy to exploit LLENN's pink outfit, where Fuka fires off gas canisters containing pink smoke which allows LLENN to stay camouflaged as she ambushes enemies. LLENN intended to use it against Pito, but was forced to reveal it early after walking into a trap in a Savanna.
    • Fuka going Pervert Revenge Mode on a creep who wants to violate her avatar's corpse. She knocks him in the head with her empty pistol, picks up the assault rifle he just dropped and uses it as a club to bludgeon his head in until the "Dead" message come up.
  • Episode 10:
  • Episode 11:
    • Pitohui reveals her Photon Sword can project the blade from either end, switching modes to kill David.
    • While LLENN starts having doubts, Team SHINC and Fuka charge M and Pitohui on their own, which gives LLENN the confidence to launch an attack herself.
    • LLENN baits Team PM4 to chase her in a car. Pitohui is on the roof and forces M to drive faster, to which LLENN ducks under the humvee and then starts shooting from the rear side. Only then do M and Pito realize they got lured into a trap and plummet over a ledge. Unfortunately for LLENN the water underneath is quite shallow and the humvee drives back out. Now driving towards LLENN intending to ram her over, LLENN leaps over the car and shoots downwards at the occupants as she passes overhead.
    • Fuka pulls a Big Damn Heroes just as Pito prepares to finish LLENN off. Turns out Pito leaving her alive was a bad idea, as she drives in with her own Humvee, fires a grenade to distract Pito and M, then picks LLENN up from the water. And invites LLENN into the Humvee with a sassy pickup line.
    Fuka: Hey, girl! Y'all want a ride in my stylin' supercar? Don't think you're going home tonight!
    • Team LF and Team PM4 in a high speed chase, through a geyser field! Both teams shoot and throw grenades at each other
    • The fight we've all been waiting for: LLENN vs Pitohui!
  • Episode 12:
    • LLENN riles up Pitohui by insulting Sword Art Online, allowing her to slide underneath her legs and slice at her thigh. Pitohui compliments LLENN and notes that since LLENN managed to let her emotions get the better of her she still had a long way to go.
    • P-chan the second might not be just a hallucination. When Pitohui tries to use LLENN's own beloved gun to kill her, P-chan protects LLENN on its own, preventing from firing and instead explodes in Pitohui's hand and knocks her back. Pitohui is thoroughly impressed that LLENN's own gun protected her.
    • Pitohui holds LLENN up by her wrists and has taken her last weapon, her knife, throwing it away. So how does she escape and defeat Pitohui? LLENN keeps Pitohui distracted, while Fuka uses her trench knife to free her bound hands then charges at Pito, who tries to use LLENN as a Human Shield. So instead LLENN has Fuka slice off her hands to escape Pitohui's hold and then lunges at her neck, sinking her teeth into Pitohui's throat and depleting the last of her HP.
    • Karen correctly deducing that Pitohui and Elza Kanzaki are the same person, and she does this despite Elza setting up a ruse to deceive her.
  • Volume 4:
    • Squad Jam 3 literally begins with seven teams ganging up on Team LPFM, having decided that they are the biggest threat on the battlefield. But the squad comes up with their own strategy to survive: after taking up position in a trainyard, M orders LLENN to run around like a maniac to draw the enemy fire while he, Pito, and Fuka secure a good staging area. Said area turns out to be an empty freight car with an open top that also happens to be Made of Iron (quite literally!). After Pito fools the enemies into wasting a ton of their ammo shooting the freight car fruitlessly, LPFM then returns fire through small holes drilled through the freight car's walls by Pito's lightsword, meaning LPFM has total free reign to fire while being completely safe from the enemies' bullets. In a matter of seconds, 30 out of 42 enemies are dead.
    • The 12 remaining survivors soon get reinforcements when another 12 players arrive to back them up. Too bad for them that it's now Fuka's turn to get in on the fun and she peppers the area with an entire cylinder's worth of grenades from her MGL-140. Again, in another matter of seconds, 14 out of 24 enemies are dead.
  • Volume 5:
    • Pito manages to fool everyone, both friend and foe, into thinking that she's the betrayer on Team LPFM, not LLENN.

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