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By the power of the Black Bow and its attribute to destroy a dragon, how are you not impressed in awe?
In the world of Lord Marksman and Vanadis series, you are going to expect the series featuring the awesome battles and conflicts in various kingdoms that revolving with Tigre and the Seven War Maidens. Half of them are either battling against the arc antagonist with unexpected tactics and some monsters/demons that is beyond human's understanding.

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    In General 
  • Vanadis themselves in general. Each of them are the warlords in their respective territories and Zhcted and they are second to the king himself, meaning that they yield more power than an average noblemen or aristocrats of Zhcted. Aside from that, their reputation of one woman army that is worth 1,000 soldiers .
  • About Once A Volume, Tigre combines the power of the black bow with a Dragonic Tool. Each of these moments is a CMOA, whether it's sniping a dragon from the sky, punching a hole clean through a layered steel fortress door, rendering a legendary juggernaut incapable of motion, slaying a demon or two, punching a massive hole through a castle keep in one shot or carving massive holes in three ships with one arrow, parting the ocean in the process.

    First Saga 
  • In the beginning of Volume 1, we see Tigre take down take down two horses, one shot each, from 300 meters away and face down certain death with bravery, but those exceptional shots could've been due to his bow. Then Tigre gets captured as a prisoner of war by Ellen and she has him demonstrate his skill with the bow again by hitting a target 300 meters away in four shots. However, the soldiers give him a horrible bow, and laugh off Tigre's first two shots. Then, an assassin shows up with a crossbow to kill Ellen and fails. The assassin flees, and Ellen's soldiers can't catch up to him...until Tigre, who'd used the first two shots to get a grasp on the poor quality bow, calmly asks Lim if she wants him alive and then shoots him down from over 300 meters away in the ankle, shutting up all of the soldiers and proving he has true skill in archery. Ellen even notes that she could have been killed if Tigre had more than just four arrows on him during their initial confrontation.
    • In the anime version of said confrontation, it should be noted that Elen cut Tiger's fourth arrow out of the air lengthwise.
  • A young Tigre in the backstory versus an Earth dragon. He won with just a bow and arrow and this was an ordinary bow.
  • Even when Alsace is under attacked by Zion and his army, Titta not only one of few people who actually stay behind, she is also bold enough to face Zion and defends Tigre just so to shut Zion's insults. Sure, she is cornered and almost nearly being raped by Zion, but you gotta give her a credit for keeping the Black Bow secure and even try to fight back with a dagger in despite she herself not the bravest girl in the series. Fortunately enough, Tigre's return and his arrow shot to Zion's palm is what preventing her from becoming one of victims of yet another atrocities by House Thenardier.
    • What's more awesome is Titta jumps off the balcony as Tigre told her to without any second thought! Problem is however is Tigre and Titta are too far off together and they will be have a bad landing if they missed. The solution? Elen winds blows them both away and land them back to safety like feathers.
    • And there is more! Just as he is about to introduce Elen and Leitmeritz Army to Titta, Tigre senses something danger and he not only saving Titta twice by holding and arrow that almost kill her, he literary return the favor by use that same arrow to kill back the assassin!, who by the way, remained hidden from the bushes!
  • Some moments during the Battle of Molsheim has these. These are includes,
    • Elen during her battle against one Dragon as a demonstration about the strength of the War Maiden Zhcted can do. Just one attack of her Dragon Skill (namely Ley Adimos) and it will crush the dragon's shell and slice it in half, like an half just like an apple!
    • Tigre for dealing with Zion once and for all. Not only he gives "Reason You Suck" Speech to Zion regarding his army's attack onto Alsace, but also manage to defeat Zion in a single duel, with the forth arrow manages to help the first three arrows to penetrate '
    • And finally the display of the Black Bow power itself is this. In order to escape from battle, Zion had to ride a dragon and fly off from the scene to the point not even Ele's wind able to reach him. As all hope seems lost however, with a strange voice from the Black Bow, as well as it absorption of Tigre manages to unleash the Tornado Arrow towards the flying target and killing them both!
  • During Tigre's first fight with Roland, there was a moment when fired straight up and Roland thought he missed. Then as Tigre retreated and Roland chased after him, the arrow falls straight down on his horse, showing both cleverness and damn godly aiming with a bow.
  • Ludmila proved to be able to match wits with Tigre and Eleonora during their battle, camping out during the first attack to misdirect the latter's forces before moving the Olmutz army to a citadel, surprising Eleonora with a major advantage. Tigre then found Mila and tracked her back to find the secret entrance, she didn't ignorantly leave herself open to attack as she increased defenses at that area that night. Then she proved to be a worthy opponent against Eleonora during their one on one fight. Mila might very well have been the closest to defeating the main character's army and might actually had if they weren't interrupted by an assassin. Tigre's pretty fortunate she's on his side later.

    Second Saga 

  • Not even his amnesia, and without his black bow (though it would really just be overkill if he had it) could stop Tigre from sniping in volume 8.
  • Believe it or not, despite she narrowly survived Baba Yaga's attack with her limped right arm and losing Urs/Tigre in the progress, you gotta impress to see Liza's determination as she insists on facing Baba Yaga again in order to end her nightmare once and for all. Heck, she even destroying all former shrine that worship Baba Yaga just to summon her again! Best part is she confronts the ghosts from her past (read: Liza's childhood bullies, Elen and even Rodion) and manages to brush them off before becoming being under attack by Baba Yaga again.

    Third Saga 
  • A brief battle between Tina and Ganelon at Nice Royal Palace in Volume 12. Whether this is part of their act or not, you'd gotta admit that we finally get to see Tina and her Dragon Weapon in action, which almost pars with Ganelon at best, if not surpassing him.
  • A villainous example where Kureys shows hat even an invader has his own sense of honor and standards. After successfully subjugated Nemetacum, he is visited by the three mayors from the captured territories in a supposed "alliance" in toppling Regin again. His response? He have all three mayors and his family members to be enslaved along with the other war slave since even he cannot tolerate treachery.
  • After the return of Elen from her imprisonment by Greast, the Moonlight Knights-especially Leitmeritz Army's side-get their revenge by slaughtering almost all of Greast Army's soldiers.
  • Another villainous example where Ganelon manage to "deflect" Tigre's charged arrow shot with the Durandal that was stolen from Nice Royal Palace of Brune, almost leaving Tigre defenseless.
  • The moment of the battle between a five Vanadis against Ganelon and their timely aid for Tigre is as awesome as itself, with Olga makes her first rescue.


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