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  • After Tigre is captured by Elen and shoots down the assassin who attempted to kill her, Elen decides to evaluate his skills with other weapons. They first spar with headless spears, and Elen easily blocks Tigre's clumsy blows. Frustrated, Tigre rushes her, but when she swats his spear aside he keeps running and rams her to the ground. He looks down to see if he's pinned her successfully, and realizes his hand is on her breast. Lim cracks Tigre over the head with her sheathed sword, and as she pulls him off of her, we are treated to this exchange:
    Tigre: I think my head broke.
    Tigre: There was clearly a thirst for blood.
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  • Episode six has a fight between two soldiers threatening to spill out of hand. Tigre steps in just as they cut to commercial. The Eyecatch gives us the reason for the fight: They disagreed over the shape of a passing cloud.
  • After Tigre and Mila have repelled Vodyanoy, who was after Tigre and his bow and because Tigre is exhausted from successfully using the power of his bow on his own, Mila supports him so they are arm in arm. This is when Elen returns from assisting Sasha. At first happy to see Tigre again, she is visibly enraged when she sees Tigre so close to Mila. Mila plays up her time spent with Tigre for all that it's worth, and whispers in his ear that he can call her by nickname. Elen advances on Tigre, plainly angry, and then Mila steps forward to protect him. And that's when Elen and Mila fall into hilarious squabbling.
    Elen: Tigre. Although I hoped to meet you again with a smile... It seems we have a problem.
  • Elen attempting to derail the conversation when Regin reveals that she's the missing prince.
    • Mashas' over the top reaction towards the reveal.
  • Elen and Lim's faces when Gerard presents them seventeen letters addressed to Tigre.
  • One of the chibi episodes has Tigre doing an ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA with a spear when Elen tries to see whether Tigre knows how to use a weapon other than a bow. Too bad it doesn't work.
    • Some of the choices, aside from standard Medieval era weapons, include a dragon, a handgun, and a tank.
  • Another chibi episode has Tigre put his foot in his mouth in front of both Elen and Mila, then both of them open inventory screens to summon their weapons and reveal that Ludmila's inventory is chock full of tea and Elen's is full of snacks.
  • Volume 11. Eight clingy girls with one guy. Let's just say it's a miracle a fight hasn't started in the festival.
  • Any scene concerning the topic of waking up Tigre by putting a sword in his mouth. First Lim does it and it worked, leading Ellen to try it herself before Titta walks in on them, she becomes quite furious over the whole idea.
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  • Lim's inability to be subtle in her love for teddy bears. After telling Titta that she wants one for her friend, Titta responds saying it's dirty though but Lim replies she doesn't mind.
  • Mila scolds Tigre for assuming generosity from her then Tigre asks what he should make of the tea she made for him then. Mila responds that she makes tea for everyone she negotiates with even people she doesn't like so if things go bad, she has something to throw at their faces.

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