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Recap / Lord Marksman and Vanadis

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A story recap of the Lord Marksman and Vanadis light-novel series which details each volume and the tropes contained within.

Warning! Recap pages do not get spoiler tags. All spoilers on these pages will be unmarked.

First Saga

Brune Civil War

King Faron's son perished in battle against Zhcted, throwing the country of Brune into turmoil and causing the king to withdraw from public affairs out of grief. With succession in doubt, the country's two strongest dukes, Duke Ganelon and Duke Thenardier, prepare for their claim to the throne after one defeats the other in bloody civil war. That is, until Duke Thenardier's attempt to make an example of Alsace fails dramatically, and a third faction led by its lord, Tigrevurmud Vorn, arises to demand justice; aided by the same Zhcted forces that slew the prince in the first place.

Second Saga

Asvarre Civil War

Months after the conclusion of Brune's civil war, Asvarre ends up being thrown into chaos shortly after the death of its king put the throne up for grabs. As a result, a civil war breaks out between the king's children after the eldest tried to take the kingdom for himself. Technically working for Zhcted at the time, Tigre is sent there on a secret mission to help put an end to the war in an attempt to forge an alliance between Zhcted and Asvarre.


Urs of Zhcted

After Asvarre's civil war comes to an end, Tigre ends up lost at sea on his way home but is saved by the power of Tir na Va to suddenly reappear in Zhcted, but in an amnesiac state. Now going by the name Urs, the Vanadis of Lebus, Elizaveta Fomina, takes him in as her servant as the two deal with the threat of a demon that has hidden itself within Liza's territory.


Third Saga

Sachstein Invasion

Due to the deaths of several key figures in Brune, Sachstein finally goes on the offensive and launches an invasion on Brune. Having his memories back, Tigre is forced to finally return to the kingdom to protect what was his original home. In the meantime, Brune's newly established Princess Regin has to deal with the threat of the widowed Melisande Thenardier, who is conspiring to take the throne for herself.

Zhcted Civil War

Just as Tigre and his allies successfully bring peace back to Brune again, something sinister is brewing at Zhcted when Ruslan - the elder son of King Viktor who went insane - returns to Silesia and chosen as the next heir under the old king's decree, courtesy to Tina's "cure". Little does everyone realizes however that behind Ruslan's "comeback" is actually Tina's scheme in her quest to be Zhcted's ruler, which will result in the collapse of the kingdom's 300 years of peace. Tigre and his allies now must stop her before her scheme come to fruition as well as the demons, who intend to unleash Tir na Va.


Alternative Title(s): Madan No Ou To Vanadis