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Tear Jerker / Lord Marksman and Vanadis

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned.
Farewell, old friend

Aside from its awesome battles and nightmarish moments, Lord Marksman and Vanadis does feature sad moments in the series. Some of them involve the deaths of so many characters, especially those whom we liked and loved in this series.

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    First Saga 
  • Any archers who are discriminated by Brune's Honor Before Reason is this. According to some sources, the archers are described as "cowards" by most Brunish nobles because of their "dishonorable" attributes, such as stealth attacks. Tigre takes the worst of it not only because of his weakness in handling any weapons aside from the bow, but he's also the ruler of Alsace, one of Brune's poorest territories. Sure, he is beloved by the people of Alsace, and Mashas and Hughes are the few who supporting Tigre along the way, the saddest still is the rest still didn't recognize him through his merits, at first.
  • King Faron's grief about Regin's apparent demise is this. It's bad enough to be sick when the kingdom is in a very serious peril, and the news about his heir delivers a bigger blow to the king and Brune. What's makes it even sadder is that with his critical condition, even he cannot stop the damage Thenardier and Ganelon will caused to the kingdom.
  • Bertrand's death at the hands of Steid is really heartbreaking for everyone, especially for the Silver Meteor Army.
    • Tigre takes Bertrand's Heroic Sacrifice the hardest because not only this guy is a longtime follower to House Vorn for two generations, including Tigre's father Urs, but also one of very few people who was very close with Tigre as a father figure and believed in him. His last words about him felt proud for Tigre's growth only saddened the latter further in spite it also unlocking the Black Bow's true power. It becomes more personal for wanting Thenardier dead.
  • Even Thenardier suffers this despite his infamy. Due to the House's practice of Might Makes Right he became one of Brune's notorious figure for his oppression and his ambition in becoming Brune's rightful ruler. While this made Nemetacum as one of Brune's few powerful and influential territory, funny enough, it also isolating him from his subjects because of his iron rule. The only peers who actually closed to him are Zion and Steid, specifically the former which representing his remaining humanity no matter how bad he is. Say what you will about him, he only did it in order to strengthen Brune.
    • Thenardier's unfinished sentence about Brune's fate itself it this. While it is incomplete, it is somehow indicating the kingdom's woes are far from finish even with his death. Brune's returning chaos might proven his point but sadly for him, he did not see his House's demise and Nemetacum's destruction by Muozinel's invasion.
  • The civil war in Brune may be over after Thenardier's death by Tigre's hand and Regin became its ruler afterwards, it left both Brune and Zhcted with several casualties, with the former suffers the biggest for not only losing both Roland and Faron, but Ganelon, a man who is responsible for all of this, has gotten away with his crime so easily, and nearly half of the Saint-Groel is destroyed. With this aftermath that's still causing the instability, Brune has a long way to go if they want to achieve true eternal peace.
    • Regin is particularly his this when she meets her father for the first and last time once the civil war is over, for a very short time. Now, she had to live up her father's legacy by holding her highest position in Brune while yielding a lot of responsibility in making Brune better again. Its not an easy job for a lady such as Regin, since somebody around Brune will oppose her new rule, but something need to be done in order to fix the damage.

    Second Saga 
  • The tragedy of Asvarre Nobility itself before, during and after Asvarre Civil War is this. Even before the civil war, in spite of his tyranny, all Germaine ever wanted is to prove the might of Asvarre even it means becoming a tyrant that soon receiving resentment from his people. In the end, neither factions from the brothers won because they are both dead under different circumstances: Germaine was betrayed and killed by Tallard in Valverde while Eliot was executed after his horrendous defeat at Salentes Plains. This not just leaves Guinevere as the only survivor of Asvarre Nobility but also paving Tallard's rise as one of influential and powerful figures in the kingdom, making him unopposed by anyone. With Tallard's goals for Asvarre remain ambiguous, it leaves us to wonder what Asvarre's uncertain future will unfold...
  • Tigre's disappearance during his battle against Torbalan as a whole that saddened everyone, from allies to even his enemies.
    • Elen takes this news extremely hard because she blames herself for dispatching Tigre to Asvarre in the first place. In fact, she is so upset to the point she drinks for five days despite Lim's protest. She also fears that his disappearance will putting Zhcted at risk of warring against Brune despite the former's civil war ended six months ago.
    • Even Kureys is upset over the apparent lost of his formidable rival whom he highly respected after his army's defeat at Ormea Hills. This is coincidentally where he is preparing his another invasion attempt onto Brune again since their last battle. Believe it or not, that very news ironically causing Kureys to cancel the invasion but not without dispatching Damad to investigate Tigre' real status. Technically, Tigre's disappearance has indirectly saved Brine from Muozinel's second invasion.
    • Brune—especially Alsace—takes this news seriously as the kingdom now (initially) losing their hero who quelled its brutal civil war. Regin is especially worry and angry at the same time after hearing this news to the point she—like Ellen—worries that a fresh alliance between Brune and Zhcted will be shattered and, with the former slow recovery from its civil war, warring with Zhcted will be suicide for the kingdom.
    • Not just Regin, Badouin cannot helped but to sympathize the situation as he believes Tigre is the only person who can keep Brune's situation together, especially for Regin. So what does he do? He suggests Mashas to visit Zhcted and investigate Tigre's whereabouts.
  • Alexandra "Sasha" Alshavin's life, from her own backstory to her death:
    • Sasha's life during her childhood is anything but nice (but not an abusive one). According to Sasha's mother, her family history since her great-grandmother, especially women, has suffered a mysterious yet deadly disease that shorten their lifespan that is not longer than their 30's. Unfortunately, Sasha has became the latest person to suffer that disease and she had to learn almost everything before her time has come.
    • Sasha's passing is one of many grimmer if not sadder moments in the story. Immediately after slaying Torbalan, Sasha is immediately put on the bed and the only person who is allowed to visit her is Elen. Except this time, her injuries and returning illness have critically damaged Sasha's body, so she had to tell Elen her last advice before eventually passes away. Bargren vanishes, and Elen couldn't do anything aside from being silent before leaving bed room. It is very sad to see one of the good guys—and the only person whom Elen respected aside from Sofy — passes away just like that. That leaves Elen, Liza, Sofy, Olga, and Tina of the old guard left. An eternal goodbye indeed....
    • Even Liza of all people can't helped but to sympathize Legnica's situation despite how understandably scorned she is by the said population because of her invasion in Legnica. This means Liza has lost her chance to at least apologizes to the late legend.
    • Out of all citizens in Zhcted however is the people of Legnica who suffered the most. The passing of their beloved leader only make the territory more vulnerable not just from the enemies outside Zhcted, but the possible conflict between Leitmeritz and Lebus should Elen and Liza fight against each other, since it is geographically situated between Lebus and Leitmeritz. It is from this onward, Legnica is the only Zhcted territory without a Vanadis for a year until Bargren chose Fine as the new Vanadis. It still doesn't makes things better since Fine craves power more than her responsibility as a war maiden and her people, even as far becoming Tina's accomplice in igniting Zhcted's first and worst civil war.


     Third Saga 
  • How Melisande—one of few survivors of Brunish nobles aside from Regin—meets her demise by her own undoing. All she ever did was to revive House Thenardier's former glory days just like in the past. Her plans ended so tragic to the point even Regin of all people couldn't help but to sympathize over her dying cousin. Not only her death marks the fall of House Thenardier entirely, leaving Regin as the only survivor of Brune's nobility, it also make Brune even more vulnerable to any foreign invasion at anytime. Nemetacum is the first to fall to Muozinel's invasion.
  • Vissarion's dream in achieving a kingdom of peace in general. The only people who takes his vision seriously were Elen and Lim, especially the former. Sadly this dream was perished by the time Vissarion was slain by Fine's blade and the dissolution of the Silver Gale Mercenaries. Sure, this vision was eventually carried on by Elen who is genuinely continuing his effort, it was also ironically turned Fine evil since she has a different idea in building her own kingdom.....
  • The death of King Viktor itself. Not only did he rule with righteousness but he possessed a sense of justice and Zhcted ends up in chaos upon his death.
  • Fine being Driven to Suicide after she's utterly defeated by Elen when the latter inflicts a severe damage onto her, which is ironically what she did to Vissarion in the past battle. With her death, it leaves Elen and Lim as the sole surviving members of Visarrion's legacy.
    • What makes Fine's death even more tragic is her own dream dies along with her. Consider this: Until her meeting with Vissarion, she has no goals since the only thing she knew throughout her life is fighting for survival. Not helping matters is she lacked with proper communication skills also causes misunderstanding, especially Elen and Lim who hold their grudge against her for the murder. If only she is sided with the right people without any malicious intent...


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