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Awesome / The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

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  • Ferris's first meetings with Sion and Ryner. Respectively, she easily saves Sion from a group of assassins—even using dango skewers as a weapon—and kicks Ryner's ass. Granted, Ryner, as usual, was holding back, which Ferris herself notes, but it still marks her as the resident Action Girl.
  • Ferris remaining entirely calm while up against Ryner, who's gone berserk and talking him down, claiming that he doesn't have the guts to kill her.
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  • Riphal's debut. If there's one way to make a dramatic introduction, it's by swooping in to save your enemy, before sacrificing your eye to launch a massive Sword Beam attack to intimidate the enemy country into surrendering.
  • Tiir's first scene:
    • One comes in the form of the ordinary soldiers of Roland and Estabul. When Tiir begins to slaughter a group of them that were sent to stop him, Claugh attempts to sacrifice himself to cover the soldiers' retreat. But, out of loyalty to him, they refuse and instead cover him as an Estabul soldier forcefully carries him away, knowing full well that they didn't stand a chance. It should be noted that up until this point, the military has either been entirely ignorable, or in a lot of cases, unforgivable bastards. Plus point of awesome for the common man.
    • Conversely, Tiir establishes himself as one of the biggest badasses around by so effortlessly killing them all.
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  • Luke proves for the first time why you don't mess with his team to an unsuspecting Froaude who happened to make such a mistake by easily taking out his Shadow Beasts and holding a knife to his neck.
    Luke: Just try to lay one finger of that filthy hand on Milk Callaud! I'll kill you on the spot! We show no forgiveness to those who meddle in our family.
  • When Lir points out what society thinks of Ryner, regardless of what Ferris may think of him? Ferris delivers a Shut Up, Hannibal! by replying that she doesn't care.
  • Ryner manages to bring himself back after Lir attempts to crystallize his eyes.
  • From the battle between Geihlficlant and Gastark:
    • When Lir's about to kill Vois and everyone else is unable to react, Toale—the one with the least combat experience and arguably the most reason to dislike Vois—doesn't hesitate to save him by kicking him out of the way. He even manages to take down some of Lir's Lightning Beasts, which really isn't too shabby considering that, again, Toale isn't even a fighter.
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    • Ryner finally defeating Alpha. Bonus points for interrupting Alpha while he's doing his typical spiel about what humans would call him, by claiming that he's nothing more than a spider.
  • Vois, of all people, shuts his subordinates up when they start calling the Cursed Eye bearers monsters, and talks about creating a world where humans and Cursed Eye bearers can coexist—all the while up against a large group of wary children who already hate his guts, could kill him, and are currently throwing rocks at him. He doesn't flinch.
  • When the Roland army is about to kill Ryner and Ferris, it's Arua, using his Alpha Stigma and some quick thinking, who saves them—not long after Ryner had told him that he would just get in the way, being a kid. Needless to say, Ryner took back those words.