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  • Leon vs. Tarantula. The first is unarmed, the second has a gun and shoots at him several times. Leon wins.
  • Leon manages to make the Count back off when he's harassing Jeudi. With words alone.
  • Leon using the "Nazi concert" both to escape with Jeudi from the Nazis, and to give a massive "fuck you" to them via inserting Alpine Rose at the end. WOW.
  • Helene undoing Toulonchamp's Hostage Situation via grabbing on his leg and giving Lundi time to pounce on him and let Jeudi escape. Notice that what makes this awesome is not just Helen being a Mama Bear, but how she does this despite being a very weakened and almost blind Ill Girl who could collapse and probably die at any moment, therefore she was pretty much going towards Toulonchamp in the dark and almost unable to pinpoint his location, except for hearing his voice. And this is the same man who threw her to the ground for standing up to him and revealing that she had learned what was going on a short while ago, too! Here it is.
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  • In the manga the aforementioned scene is played very differently, but it still has quite the good moments: Jeudi is forced to leave the Durant home under threats, but she's Genre Savvy enough to write the lyrics of the Alpine Rose song down in a sheet of paper and hand them to the family butler, who reads them to Helene — this makes her realise what had been going on, since in the past Mathilda as the fake Alicia had covered her lack of knowledge of the song by saying she couldn't remember it due to Trauma-Induced Amnesia. Though poor Helene massively and understandably collapses out of physical and mental shock, this gives Lundi (who was also trapped by Toulonchamp at the moment) the Heroic Resolve to escape the mansion, trick Toulonchamp and Mathilda into handing him a horse and then run away on it, search for Jeudi and Printemps (who had been dumped by Toulonchamp's goons in a snowy place so they'll freeze to death) and, with the help of General Guisan, bring her back.
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  • A retroactive one for Helene: refusing her Arranged Marriage to Germont when she was a young girl. Like mother, like daughter. In the manga, also, when she overhears Mathilda and Toulonchamp's plans... she does not collapse, and mentally vows to never forgive them. Again, one must keep in mind that this is a woman who has been poisoned for years and has an extremely weak mental/physical health, and has just collapsed few before — the fact that she doesn't fall in despair again is great.
  • Chapter 17 of the manga gives us Robert revealing that he took a photo of Germont killing Hans and can denounce him to the police for murder and Countess Francoise telling her husband that he's full of shit, and revealing why does he chase Jeudi. And after this, not only she pulls a gun on Germont, but she saves Leon from dying in a fire with Germont and herself.
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  • Chapter 18. While Jeudi is speaking to her grandparents, Mr. Durant starts insulting Friederich's memory as he thinks that he sent her to manipulate them. Jeudi's reply? Slapping him across the face.


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